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The Jedi Knight Romance and Romance Possibilities Thread

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The Jedi Knight Romance and Romance Possibilities Thread

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11.26.2012 , 06:00 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Maidel View Post
As a couple of other people have mentioned (and I did in another thread) he is quite litterally the character of autolycus as played by Bruce Campbell in xena/Hercules, he even has the exact same facial hair. Actually, he's not exactly the same, doc actually has the redeeming quality that he wants to help people. He stood up against me when I suggested leaving the injured imperials saying he had to help them.

I hadn't seen any pictures of doc before I first saw him in the game, I had no preconceived ideas about him, but the first thing he said was a chat up line, in the middle of a gosh darn battle.

I'm sorry, but that's frankly awesome. It's that unending unrelenting adherence to his attempt to chat up anything in a skirt (ok I was in trousers...). It absolutely made me love him as a character. The only thing that would have made it better is if he had actually been voiced by Bruce!

Will I go through with it? Not sure. Depends on how fast they open up same sex relationships because currently, kira would get it over him. But, give it another month for me to hit level cap and he might have won me over.

On a side note. I'm pretty much up on all starwars stuff. I cannot find anything that prevents a Jedi from having 'dalliances'. Attachment is the issue for Jedi, but there is nothing I can see that would prevent a 'flirtatious' Jedi bonking his/her way around the galaxy so long as it was physical rather than emotional.

Therefore, from my perspective, my Jedi has flirted with anyone she's been able to. The only issue is if I take it the final step and become 'attached'.

However, I always have the final 'canon' get out clause. I'm a Correllian Jedi, and they are allowed to have families...
OT: Old thread and post is old, but, Autolycus by season 4 was the exact same way when it came to helping long as he was benefited in some way, but he still chose helping over himself more times than not. :P

Carry on~