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What is the maximum augments useage without experiencing diminishing returns?

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What is the maximum augments useage without experiencing diminishing returns?

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04.10.2019 , 06:38 PM | #1
I'm currently at 257 (almost 258) but want to know how far I can increase my Alacrity, Critical and Power stats without experiencing diminishing returns (I don't think accuracy is really all that important since I mainly pvp anyways, but I could be wrong).

Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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04.10.2019 , 08:09 PM | #2
Diminishing returns are always in effect from your first stat point to your last. There is no level at which its not impacting you, and in general, tertiary stats provide more bang for the buck than power or mastery. We've been well into the less steep (level) part of the curve since 4.0.

Once you have enough accuracy (if you want)
  • often around 100-105% for pvp, if you are not encountering Consulars/Inquisitors frequently
  • arguably 105-110% for white weapon damage based classes/dual wielders
and AT LEAST the alacrity percentage for the global cooldown breakpoint you prefer
  • 7.14% for the 1.4s GCD, which is 702 for most classes
  • 15.39% for the 1.3s GCD, which is 1857 for most classes
then you can stack critical to your heart's content, generally
  • 1800 for white weapon damage based classes
  • 2400 for yellow Force/Tech based classes
before the theorycrafting argues you might see a better dps increase from a Versatile Augment versus a Critical Augment.

EDIT: most people recommend the lower alacrity breakpoint, 7.14%, in pvp, because in pvp encounters are short, uptime is limited, and burst is more important than sustained dps.
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