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6.0 schematics

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01.24.2020 , 06:52 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by lawfig View Post
I've been leveling schematics since 6.0 launch I cannot re engineer beyond 278. 1 cost, and two when I attempt to rng 278 armoring or any other schem it says Not available. (this is on 278 I have crafted not the drops).

So how do I get gear above 278 (if cost were no option) because rrng does not work.
Decon actual gear, not modifications. There's no point in worrying about moddable gear until you get to 306.
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01.24.2020 , 05:26 PM | #12
he's talking about learning schematics....

it's possible toe learn schematics for gear and mods all the way up to 306, although some are bugged to either display zero chance, or possibly even BE zero chance.

... truth be told NONE of the gear schematics are worthwhile. Only Augment stuff, consumables and reusaables are worthwhile to learn. maybe the tacticals and specialty armor sets. the reason is that everything else costs more to make than it will ever be worth and is inferior to what you get from basic drops.
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01.25.2020 , 08:37 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Csillagkari View Post
How we can actually get 303 schematics/crafting recipes?
I was able to gram a full set of 300/302 gear in 2 days of gameplay (running flashpoints with my lvl 75 char) he started in old 260 gear. I was working 8/10 hours a day (rl), so calculate with few hours gameplay in night hours.

Now with a great effort I reached 700 in some crafting and gathering skills. Now I'm wondering that where we can get 303 schematics? I count as 303 is the base / the origo after 6.0 and logically with crafting we go just for stat variations, amplifier variations.
- I could not find any schematics at crafting vendors
- I deconstructed about 100+ looted gear/item modification that all were trash/for scrap items: "cannot learn new schematics by deconstructing the items"

Do I miss something?

Thanks in advance for the info!
I've been unable to get beyond 286 because of components needed. Those I can craft are not the problem so is the Processed isotope (just run a lot of flashpoints) it's the solid resource matrix that is total bs. They need to fix crafting or once you finish onslaught there is no reason to continue until.