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Farming Premades losing the game for team

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Farming Premades losing the game for team

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10.14.2018 , 01:53 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by SwSwine View Post
What is the cost of the skill and experience if one pug can ruin a game for you? You can't count to 8 and know when there is a time to go help a pug before he calls for incoming? Or you don't know how many stealthers are in the other team and what they are supposed to do now when you don't see them?

I actually don't think that people who don't care for reg wins but care to queue regs and go gank whoever they see first can't count to 8. They just want team death match with respawn and use whatever map to simulate this. I also would be happy to play such a map in SWTOR. It just makes no sense to me misusing the map objectives in such a way. Imo going farming mobs on Alderaan is nearly the same fun with rare excetions.
We can't go from one end of the map to the other if a Pug gets mezzed or 1v1'd by someone.
He either:
1. Calls too late.
2. Never calls.

4 players can't carry the other 4. Usually.
No one *********** calls anymore, and they haven't since 3.0.
They call when their failed 1v1 leads to a cap.
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10.14.2018 , 02:02 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruhun View Post
You wouldn't be easy kills if you got better.
Iím no where near an easy kill. I just prefer 8v8 format. I can fight.

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10.14.2018 , 02:04 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Totemdancer View Post
Iím no where near an easy kill. I just prefer 8v8 format. I can fight.
I like the 8v8 too. I just like to scrap after 6 years.
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10.15.2018 , 05:48 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruhun View Post
I like the 8v8 too. I just like to scrap after 6 years.
And there are no 8v8 formats where that is the primary objective - go do arenas to "scrap" and leave those of us who still prefer objective based play even if we have been doing it for 6 years to do objective based play.

PS: no one enjoys node guarding. Its a necessity of objective based play, however.

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10.15.2018 , 08:22 AM | #25
All good stuff and arguments are funny....
1. DPS farmers are annoying WHEN they don't farm correctly - When they farm on Novare, Civil War or Yaven you can get the outside nodes when they deathmatch or stall on a point. The PROBLEM is when they move off node or split in 2's.
2. Other 4. Someone else said it players follow the farmers ( no help to them and no help to other 1,2, or 3rd players)
3. Depending on the map... just quit and re-Q. You know who they are by now, so if you stay it's your fault.
4. Pros, elitist, vets crying about calling inc or when mezzed....LOL, seriously?? Calling INC- maybe one of the farmers are looking and will help, but other than Voidstar or Yavin...player ( if one of those 110 - 230 gear 118hp ) will lose if help does not respond ASAP. Getting Mezzed - Forget it....even if it is a decent stealth help will not arrive in player guarding.
5. "I'm farming because....." - Nobody want to farm? FARM....BUT don't cry, complain, and then call everyone else ****, suck, or etc because of your farming.
6. "New players won't take our advice" buddy always says this...and sometimes tries to help, but seriously.. it's all about delivery..."why the **** did you do this", "why are you so _______,", or " you_______, you should have done this or that" you really think any new player will listen to you...on top of that...they have been cussed out or **** on every WZ and not listening to

Blame BW, players, or yourself a favor and just have fun while the game is still here, because when the farmers leave and PvEers get tired of the repetitive content the game is going away anyway.

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10.15.2018 , 06:06 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by giorgo View Post
Let's be honest here. There are two types of farming premades (for the most part).
There are guys that play solo ranked and occasionally jump into regs. Realistically you can't excpect them to play for the objectives; it's not in their mentality, it's not their thing...and you can't forbid them to play regs.
Then there are these other guys who play the game since forever, the veterans of a sort. Most of these guys cannot be bothered anymore with the objectives and for good reason; they have been doing them for years. If you are a veteran stuck on guarding the objective while other players who can't break 1 k dps are all over the place doing nothing, you will eventually end up with the mindset to not bother wth the objectives anymore.
The problem comes from the new players imo. These are the ones that must do the objectives, but they don't. Are you a valor 35, 119 k HP assasin? go to the offnode and guard it, don't go mid, you will be useless there. The game is seven years old, there many guides to wz's and pvp so that a new player can learn about the maps and the objectives, but none of them does.
TL;DR Ranked players don't care about objectives and never will, veterans cannot be bothered anymore and new players are not interested to learn.These are the reasons, as far as i can tell, that pvp is so bad.
I fully disagree.

While players who ignore objectives in warzones are fully entitled to play that way if they wish (they aren't paying any less than me for their subs), it's a bit selfish and and screws over the rest of the team that may want to actually be competitive and win. Neither being a Ranked player who is just passing time in Regs or a Regs "veteran" who has been at it since 2012 is a valid excuse for being a poor teammate.

It would also be a bit hypocritical of that Ranked player if they're one to complain about casuals and mat farmers ruining Ranked. Those casuals and mat farmers are just as entitled to play Ranked as they wish, as they aren't breaking any rules in the ToS and they likewise pay the same rates for their subs. What both the Ranked casuals and Regs deathmatchers that ignore objectives have in common however is being absolute garbage at whichever game mode they're submarining. DPS and HPS numbers in a Regs match mean nothing if your team loses because you were ignoring calls, not focusing on the Huttball, tunneling instead of getting to that next Voidstar node, ect.

Not liking a game mode isn't a valid excuse either. I'm not crazy about Huttball, but that doesn't mean I'll go deathmatch in a corner. I focus enemy ball carriers and help control mid when I'm on my DPS, or peel for ball runners or look to get into position for a pass from them. I do that firstly because I want to win, but also because I'm just one person, and there are seven other players on my team that I'll be screwing over if I don't.

The odd thing is that you don't even need to ignore objectives to run high numbers the majority of the team. When I queue regs more often than not I top in damage or healing, and I play the objectives. Odessen is really the only game mode where you may have to sacrifice "numbers" to win.

It is a shame PVP doesn't have some sort of vote kick system that worked and couldn't be abused. Maybe it's not possible to have one, but the lack of it is why situations like this exist. You have similar players in PVE. The difference is that the people who aren't team players, like for example a DPS who keeps pulling before the tank, end up being given the heave-ho by the rest of the team. That makes it much less of an issue than PVP, since weak links can be replaced by team players.

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10.16.2018 , 01:17 PM | #27
Yes, people having fun playing together is the death of this game
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