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A suggestion for PvP instances

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A suggestion for PvP instances

WayOfTheWarriorx's Avatar

10.23.2018 , 07:04 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Totemdancer View Post
I figured Iíd hang around on Yavin and do some mat farming. I come across another guy near the Imp base and saw he was only a lvl 67. So I left him alone. Next thing he jumps me and itís on. He wasnít bad and was obviously a pvper himself. I beat him and he came back for more and more. I think I killed him 6 times before he gave up.
That was about 3-4 months again.
Some people are really slow leaners. heh

Nice work on humbling them all at the same time.

Aeneas_Falco's Avatar

10.23.2018 , 08:41 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Totemdancer View Post
Do you remember the old days before the pvp instances and when we had expertise gear.

I would always flag myself for pvp and ride around farming mats. I use to have my comp in pvp gear as well (something Icy said to do).

I didnít have many reps Alts at that stage, so I would use my Sin and Sorc because Xalek is awesome 😎. Even though he was a tank, he had full dps pvp gear on with 2018 expertise. I turned of his taunts and only had his attacks enabled.
There would always be some guys in full OPs gear that would see me flagged and attack. You know the type, best Ops gear (always higher than pvp gear in stats, except no expertise ) and they would have a numbers advantage and jump me (which was my plan). None of them would ever flag first because hey, I was pvp flagged and an easy target for a bunch of pve guys to kill.

The thing is, Xalek in dps pvp gear was a beast. He could nearly kill one by himself because they would be busy trying to kill me and ignore him.

You guys ever had a bunch of pve guys jump you and then cry loudly when you kill them all. Those tears are so sweet. I would then go look for them and farm them over and over because they were too dumb to unflag and wait 5 mins in their base.

People would be complaining about pvpers flagging them on purpose when they didnít want to pvp. But in my experience, there were always way more pve gear heroís with a numbers advantage ready to jump you out of the blue and without flagging first. These were usually the guys who cried the most that pvpers were farming them.

Anyway, I miss the old system. It encouraged more OWPVP than this system. Being bait and running around doesnít work if there is nobody in the instance with you, especially those dirty pve pubs who saw you as an easy target
I never used Xalek for OWPVP or knew he was more OP than other comps, but I did used to roam around with Expertise gear on myself and a comp. Good times!

I never quite understood why some people get salty about losing in PVP, open world or otherwise, and take it personal. It is just a game and losing is part of PVP. It happens to everyone to varying degrees.

Speaking of which I ran into that during the Gree event recently. Myself and a friend were in the process of running orbs when we got jumped by four people that were stealthed (not all were stealth classes but one of them was an Operative), and despite being outnumbered two to one we ended up beating them. It was a fun encounter until the insults started flying from one of the dead players that didn't quickly respawn.