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First hack since the last anti hack changes.

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First hack since the last anti hack changes.

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10.13.2018 , 08:07 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by tcgtqu View Post
Bioware can’t ban anyone coz if they start banning there would be no one left to play the game. We have low population as is.
See, that argument just doesn’t hold any water when you consider these points.

1. Some People always say there is no cheating
2. Most people say they’ve never seen a hacker
3. Most of the remaining people say they’ve only ever seen a few.

Now, if you were to go on that alone, according to the players who post here on the forums, there aren’t many hackers around. If Bioware were to ban the small amount of hackers it would be negligible.

But for your argument to stand up, there would need to be a lot of hackers in the game. Only if there were 20-30% of hackers would banning them have a negative affect on players or Bioware’s revenue stream.

Personally I don’t think there aren’t many hackers in the game. There were probably less than 1% before the changes to make people die if they hacked. Now I think there is probably only 0000.1% or 1-2 active hackers like the guy I saw. Banning them would have no affect on our player numbers and even banning the 1% before wouldn’t have affected our player numbers.

So there is either a tiny number hackers in the game and banning them won’t hurt us or there are a multitude of hackers in the game that we don’t know about or can detect and Bioware don’t want to ban them because it would ruin their income and player numbers.

I’m going with the first one because I think if there were that many hackers still in the game, we would all be seeing them with this low population.

So there really isn’t a logical reason for Bioware to not ban hammer these guys out if existence. Zero tolerance is the only measure left that these people will understand or respect. And it needs to happen now before they perfect this new work around and they start selling the hacks to every one willing to pay to try them.

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10.17.2018 , 07:52 AM | #12
I saw that the other day.

He dies (multiple times) when attempting it in one of the wzs -- novare coast before giving up.

But was successful in a civil war.

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10.18.2018 , 10:02 AM | #13
There is a new wall hack video in, also i saw one sniper in the Civil War, he was inside walls at side node cannon.
SWTOR goes F2P; 2014 PvP FAQ, A: "We have no plans at this time" (c)
2014 cantina, A: "They’d love to do that at some point, but technically very challenging and unlikely to happen in the near future." (c)
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10.18.2018 , 01:20 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
Just an early Christmas present.

It's either that or they are play testing some OP buffs for ranged for 6.0.

The reality is there is always going to be cheating, and people are inventive, even if they make some safegaurds, people will find new ways to cheat.

Banning cheaters means you are banning paying customers. Doesn't make it right, but the almighty dollar will always prevail. They ban cheaters, they lose money. They may correct the bahavoirs and put safeguards up from time to time, but they won't get rid of all the cheaters. It's the same reason they don't really put safeguards up to stop creditsellers. Creditsellers need subscriber accounts to ply thier trades and they need a ton of them. They don't even bother to hide that they are selling credits which is against TOS because they know that there is too much money to be lost by the game makers in banning them.

Cheaters, exploiters, creditsellers, they don't a thing to them, but apparently I am a worser evil., because me they'll ban in game over far less serious TOS violations. They even told me I'm potentially facing a perma ban in the future. All those cheaters in ranked that cheated/exploited their ways to TOP 3s, they're still here and people point them out by name.

I appreciate your zeal and you are definitely fighting the good fight and I <3 you for it =], but you're fighting a battle you can't win, because they don't want you to be successful, they don't want them gone, that would cost them money. Look at that cheater who uses a similar name as the Rapper JZ, he gives them the best evidence you can hope for himself all the time, and yet, he's still here.

But, all the same, Give em Hell

Shmoochies XOXO
Well I disagree with you a bit while it is true they are paying customers they are handful. My thought is, if it is true it's utter stupidity on Bioware's part because all you end up doing is driving away the players that follow the rules and don't cheat. I know many who got fed up and bailed and went to Rift and a few that tried there hand at Guild wars all because they got tired of the lack of action by the dev team.
So the monetary value you keep with the cheater you lose with those that bail is just bad business thus the reason I don't think its the reason little action is taken. The prime reason is more than likely the hemorrhaging player base as a key factor, a lack of resources and finally the most likely reason is the game engine that is the hero engine its old antiquated and probably why to costly to actually fix and with a declining population there's really no reason too.

They'll milk it for as long as they can until the game is no longer earning enough money. When that happens they will become another Star Wars MMO to fade into obscurity and join star wars galaxy's in MMO oblivion. Though one could argue that SWTOR isn't really a MMO any more, more akin to an mmoRPG with an emphasis no longer being on MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE ROLEPLAYING GAME. By adding content for solo players one could argue they have abandoned even trying to be a MMO any more.

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10.18.2018 , 08:29 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Glower View Post
There is a new wall hack video in, also i saw one sniper in the Civil War, he was inside walls at side node cannon.
Yep that’s the guy I saw.

I tried to upload my video to reddit to show, but it wouldn’t work,

Someone else has uploaded another vid on reddit, (I can’t link cause you can see the names).

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10.19.2018 , 10:02 PM | #16
Saw another upload on reddit. Looks even more damning than the first