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Marksman Sniper - Orbital Strike

jaxkorpsdan's Avatar

12.03.2019 , 01:45 AM | #1

Over the last several days i've noticed that my Orbital Strike ability has not been activating when within range of my target. It seems to be happening only within OPS - for me, at least.

Several times now i've been at intermediate range - tonight during SnV and last time during TFB - I was at ranged below 35m, Entrenched. The range specifically were 22m and 27m.

To get the Orbital Strike to even activate i had to leave cover. I tried repeatedly to get it to activate within Entrench but no dice. "Out of Range" it kept saying - but again - on times i've noticed out of frustration they have been below 35m.

Just wondering if anyone else has been having this trouble?


Fix the damn Group Finder.