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[Crafting] Synthweaving Exclusive Set 1 (Legs) box generates infinite BtLoE items

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[Crafting] Synthweaving Exclusive Set 1 (Legs) box generates infinite BtLoE items

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10.07.2019 , 07:23 PM | #1
With the addition of an exotic materials source to the PTS, I was finally able to craft Synthweaving Exclusive Set 1 (Legs). This created a lockbox granting Boots of the Controller and Lower Robe of the Controller, each filled with mods related to my current item level. Three points!

First, opening the lockbox and claiming the items did not make the lockbox go away. I could keep r-clicking it to open it again and again, getting a new pair of items each time. As these are Bind-to-Legacy-on-Equip, they can be auctioned and sold infinitely.

Second, the first time I opened the lockbox, I did so while my character was wearing almost no items (as she was quickly testing the look of something else she'd crafted), resulting in two sets of 270-rated items instead of the 306-rated items should would have received otherwise. If I had actually invested the level of materials, time, and cost that would be associated with this process on the live server, I think I would have cried. I did not realise at first that the items would come filled with modifications, and to have a huge difference in what I receive simply because of my ignorance seems unfair. I feel like a lot of mistakes like this are going to happen when 6.0 goes live. Tying what we receive to what we're currently wearing, instead of something inherent to our characters like command level, will cause a lot of random screw-ups while people get used to the new system. And probably even after. I thought I was used to the new system, but just didn't think about it while crafting vs. buying from a vendor!

A third issue, sorta related to the other two... If we want to sell these crafted items, the ratings of the items we sell will be based on our crafter's average item rating, not on that of the buyer. (This is due to the crafted lockbox being bound to the crafter, but the contents of the box being BtLoE.) So the buyer will effectively be able to make use of the crafter's hard work in levelling up the item rating. Or, alternatively, the crafter will be able to leverage their hard work in the marketplace. Not a bug, but an issue that I wonder if ye have considered fully in its implications.
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