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New player feedback: this missions should be story locked, not level locked

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missions
New player feedback: this missions should be story locked, not level locked

VoIAs's Avatar

09.18.2020 , 12:28 PM | #1
Maybe just for first time before you complete this missions once for any of the characters and unlock them. It's just so immerse breaking currently.
Accidentally started in double XP time, completed a couple of heroics, and there i am 50lvl jug acolyte who just left Balmorra. And there is some random dudes on the fleet with quest marks who praise me for accomplishments i have not made, talking about war that still not started, some Darks who says that my acolyte has more power that them. It's just really weird. Not to mention that my acolyte accidentally won HK-47 and Revan the ex-galactic hero in one of these flashpoints.
I found some story-progressions schemas and will try to follow them, but it's really hard to miss introduction of some quests that bomb me with spoilers.

Opiklo's Avatar

09.18.2020 , 12:50 PM | #2
its your choice to do this things... no one forces you... if you play first time i strongly suggest to only do the story quests.

you are like going to a strip club complaining that they let you in because you are of legal age and asked them to let you in.

its you CHOICE to do sidequests...
but there are a lot of people who just want to level alts for raiding, crafting, erp or just standing on the fleet (none of my business)... why take the easy leveling away from them? because you did all the side quests, that you didnt want to do?

come on if you dont want it dont do it...
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09.18.2020 , 01:46 PM | #3
> its you CHOICE to do sidequests...

I want to do side quests. They have some story, and they are interesting. Problem is that they just falling on new players without context, and it's hard to determine the chronology where player should complete them.
And it's hard to ignore them, because from some moment all fleet (aka strip club) in quest marks that give you some intro. Even if you don't process quest, you can get some spoilers and *** feelings.

> but there are a lot of people who just want to level alts

That's my first line in this topic. Possible compromise is to lock them by story progress only for first time, and after completing them in "naturally" order unlock current (level progress dependency) behavior for all alts.

And for myself - i already learned chronology inconsistency in hard way and will keep this in mind for the future. And i found schemas with story progression. So it's not a problem for me anymore. But still be a problem for any other new players before they also get the picture of what is going on. It's just a feedback i wanted to share from perspective of new player.

Opiklo's Avatar

09.18.2020 , 02:58 PM | #4
tokk me 3 secs on google....
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09.19.2020 , 02:13 AM | #5
Just like Opiklo said its up to you. Normally its recomended to do just the story and the planetary quests. These are the purple mission markers. Rest is voluntary.

The issue is also with flashpoints, which I agree, are a mess. If you que via groupfinder you may get into the latest flashpoint, which you have no idea what went on there. But the picture Opiklo posted helps you do stuff in order as you should have.
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Crystal_Mind's Avatar

09.20.2020 , 04:52 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by Opiklo View Post
tokk me 3 secs on google....
I think the salient point OP was trying to make was that the in-game flagging for chronology is lacking, which is true. The xp changes over the years mean that content may be encountered far earlier in the player experience than intended. And the in-game flagging we do have isn't always helpful. Heck, we still get the "welcome to operations" tutorial pop-up at Level 50--a full 20 levels before a character can actually participate in any of them.

Outside of double-xp, if you stick exclusively to the purple planet & class story quests, you can pretty much stay on-level for the old content gates, but you miss a lot of the game that way. It doesn't take very many sidequests for a toon to start running into storylines that assume previous content has been completed, and during double-xp events even sticking to the purple quests will overlevel a toon.

Do I think sidequests should be locked out? No. They're sidequests, which means others in this thread are correct--they're optional. But I do think flagging needs to be improved somehow. After all, the chart linked exists because the in-game signposting fails on a number of levels.

erkuli's Avatar

09.21.2020 , 01:44 PM | #7
While I would support the original poster's suggestion of locking the content based on progression for the first character on that account, I would imagine that would take significant developer effort to do and don't really see it as a great return on investment. I do think it would be helpful to have something akin to the chart/graphic that was linked to available from inside the game. A 'where am I in the storyline" type help window would be useful for both new and returning players. Another option would be to make the choice more explicit for the player when they might encounter content that is past the point in the story they have reached. This already happens for some content - if you are sufficient level, you can start KOTFE without having completed your class quests for example, but there's an explicit confirmation required to do so. You could add a warning when queue'ing for group content that you might be placed in a group activity that is past the point in the story that your character has reached.