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Question about a kind of 'solo' guild flagship

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Question about a kind of 'solo' guild flagship

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06.19.2019 , 01:05 PM | #11
When conquest first came out I pretty much dismissed it. I am not a member of a large guild and don't really wish to be. Myself and a long time gaming partner made duo guilds (pub/imp) for ease of meeting and sharing stuff via guild bank etc. When strongholds came out we created guild strongholds with all the utility ammenties.

The original cost for guild ships was beyond our reach (this was back when 50 million was a lot of money ) and we would have been unlikely to make personal conquest targets (20k) let alone the guild ones (220k for small IIRC).

Since then both the guild ship cost and the conquest targets have been reduced. Guild ships are now 8 million, guild target for small planet is now 170k and personal target is 15k. They also added guild levels based on conquest points. I started hitting personal targets without going too much out of my way in how I played and began to see the Guild XP meter slowly crawl ro the right. I also started to feel a bit guilty about always leeching on somone else's summon when doing Ossus WBs.

So we bought ships for both our guilds, which are now level 2 each - woohoo! We added the usual utilities and it can now serve as an alternate to the stronghold in addition to enabling the guild invasion. With the recent changes to conquest and double xp with Dantooine we easily made the small planet guild target and personal targets on several characters each.

I am looking forward to decorating the ships to make them look a bit more functional.

Will our duo guild progress as fast as a large one? - of course not.
Will we ever win a planet invasion? - almost certainly not.
Will we have fun hangng out in our guild flagship and decorating it? - yes, and this for me is the bottom line

TL;DR If you want a guild ship then you can get one. They are now within reach of even a solo player (assuming you can make a guild with temporary help and/or your own f2p accounts) and offer a nice alternative to a regular stronghold.
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