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Class advice for solo play?

FreddyBeach's Avatar

12.10.2019 , 01:43 PM | #1
Hello Swtor Community:

Would any of you seasoned Sages/Sorcerers out there be willing to share a bit of wisdom regarding solo play?
I do fine on the general stuff and most heroics. My troubles are with harder content such as certain Heroic 2s and the like.

Basically I have tried a DPS companion but I seem to inevitably pull agro and things get kind of out of control. I have tried setting my companion to tank but it seems like it takes forever to kill anything. Setting my comp to heals usually involves me running around like a chicken kiting and maintaining dots while getting the occasional cast off.

I usually run lightning/TK spec.

Is there another strategy or is this the way of the sorcerer/sage? What specs do you run and what are your comps set to?


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12.10.2019 , 03:19 PM | #2
If you want to run a dps cpmpanion, run with Shae Vizla -- she's a murder machine and a good one to get to level 50. Hop onto the mount and dismount between fights to reset her 20 something second AoE attack. Bubble yourself and her before each fight and throw a heal as necessary. Things will die quickly.
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FreddyBeach's Avatar

12.10.2019 , 04:11 PM | #3
Awesome thank you for the quick response. I will certainly put those nuggets of wisdom into practice.

Maybe I just need to level up a bit more. I dunno. I just feel invincible as my warrior yet on my inquisitor I feel pretty squishy. Both in dps specs. Maybe the heavy armor that the warrior wears makes a bigger difference than I thought.