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Hope you don't plan to bring back Seeker Droid WITHOUT improving its functionality...

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Hope you don't plan to bring back Seeker Droid WITHOUT improving its functionality...

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10.20.2018 , 05:52 PM | #1
So I went to Ossus only to discover... a Seeker Droid vendor selling GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark I.

What this tells me is that you plan on leaving the Seeker Droid's unnecessarily hindered base functionality as it is, once again making this MINI-game unapplealing to the players, needlessly restricted in accesability (because of extremly poor search feedback of the default Seeker Droid).

Why Bioware? Why bring it back without fixing its original core design flaws from years ago? The reason Strongholds succeeded is because the system've been interweaved with every area of the game via conquests and decorations dropping and available at every step. The completly unnecessary mess with seeker droid's buffs (one of them ONLY obtained through crafting) to achieve any kind of a well-functioning digging marker is the opposite of that, along with the extremly small areas to dig that essentially require players to rely on 3rd party guides.

The droid should function BY DEFAULT (and permanently) like it currently does with all the buffs applied. No additional buffs should be necessary to go through such kind of side activity. This is a MINI-GAME in a theme park MMO, not a digging simulator. Players will not engage if the mini-game is not easy and accessible, with rewards at reach.

Redesign the droid's functionality, allow digging at very large areas (so you don't have to travel 10 minutes just to start the mini-game, that's another reason why players abandoned the system) or even better - allow digging on the entire planetary maps, add rewards like Jawa scraps, Cartel Certificates, decorations, armors etc.

Turn this into a fun activity for players to do nearly anywhere when bored and just standing around. Turn it into a (quite literally) whole new layer of world maps and interactivity in the game.
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