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Please allow Guild Stronhold/Flagship keys to non-guild members

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Please allow Guild Stronhold/Flagship keys to non-guild members

Qarrie's Avatar

07.16.2018 , 11:24 AM | #1
With the new Rishi stronghold coming out soon and the new group pvp ability, it would be great if guilds could hand out access keys to non-guild members. Often guilds have allied guilds/friends, or other guild leaders, with whom they would like to do events. Offering keys to non-guild members would be a welcome enhancement especially to RP guilds. Opening a guild to the public is not a viable option as most guilds do not want a bunch of strangers running through. Especially with the new pvp options on Rishi. It has been very frustrating to many guilds that this is not an option.

suggy's Avatar

07.16.2018 , 02:42 PM | #2
You can do this on live.

Group up & goto stonghold window & click invite group (if you have privileges for the invite)

Not sure if some would want Randoms popping into Guild stronghold or Flagships

UlaVii's Avatar

07.18.2018 , 03:11 AM | #3
The invite system is a one time invite. Being able to give out keys means they can return whenever they choose which would be nice with the PvP stronghold being released.

My one concern is that this will increase the number of guild ships and strongholds that go missing as the keys system itself can trigger the SH to vanish in two different ways:

1) If you give out multiple gold or silver keys to quickly you can make the ship/SH instantly vanish
2) If someone you give a gold key to leaves the guild, deletes their character or transfers to another server then you lose the ship/SH

There is a short term fix that lasts for a few minutes but the only long term fix is a server restart. Here is the thread that shows the problem happening from when guild strongholds were first introduced and how it continues to the present.

There is also a new problem were characters are getting locked out of the game if they log out or visit guild strongholds when the new random bug happens. There is no short term fix for it, you just have to wait an hour or so until the system seems to fix itself. If we were able to give keys to people outside the guild and then their characters get locked out for 1h+ then they will not have nice things to say about our guilds