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Why is Mako only Light Side Choices?

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Why is Mako only Light Side Choices?

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02.06.2012 , 06:59 PM | #11
Mako's a sweet girl who fell into a rough crowd. Sure, she's in it for the profit, but inside, she's got a heart of gold.

She's a sweetie.


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02.06.2012 , 11:02 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Saimeren View Post
And think of it like this.. Make a code for yourself that you follow. Do you want to play as the cold heartless killer that doesn't care what happens as long as he gets paid, or do you want to go by a strict code where you're nice to your clients, and get the job done exactly the way the client asks, and you never go back on your contract, even for more credits?

Mako's only going to like one of those, but the other one's a little more fun.
Sadly, I find this isn't actually true. Almost lvl 30 merc, and most of the time the bounty will start begging/negotiating for you to spare them, and unless she personally doesn't like them (AKA only in story missions, not regular quests) she'll get cross if you don't choose a light side option if it involves sparing them.

To say "oh you only get a -1 to affection" isn't really true, also. You not only lose 1 affection, you lose the 15 affection (or occasionally even 40) you would've netted by choosing the mako-friendly option.

The issue is compounded if you're trying to go for a neutral character, like I am.

Still, I can't resist picking dialogue options that make me laugh. Such is life as a bounty hunter. I just love that she never seems to mind if I flirt with evil sith ladies.

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02.07.2012 , 01:17 AM | #13
I like to pull Gault out for conversations because Mako's a little.. dull. Gault is, for the most part, pretty funny and responds more how I would imagine a bounty hunter would. Plus..I play with Mako most of the time and I have no intention of buying the others 10k's worth of happiness.
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02.07.2012 , 02:24 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Yazule View Post
fyi normally i will get a +15 a time or two then a -1 when i go dark at the end, still net positive.
This. I've made sooooo much more affection with her through normal non LS/DS conversational +15s compared to the far and few LS/DS choices that it really doesn't matter which side i pick. Some quests i can make upwards of 140 affection with her through normal conversation after getting the -1 from the DS kill the **** at the end choice.

She's really easy to gain affection with if you use her frequently enough, and act like a friggin bounty hunter.

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02.07.2012 , 02:29 AM | #15
If you want to go Dark Side and still be popular with Mako, grind on the Black Talon flashpoint - you can get up to 440 affection with her if you pick LS options in the conversation, and about 300 affection if you pick DS.
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10.07.2018 , 11:14 PM | #16
IMO I think you should be able to turn your characters to a desired side gradually through out the storyline. You are the main character of the story and should be able to influence characters in your favor. Such as it was in Kotor.