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The Social Bar

Mubrak's Avatar

11.23.2020 , 02:36 PM | #1
Since youi're already making changes to the social bar, a few issues:
  • On live, the bar occasionally jumps back to the upper left corner when loading a new zone.
  • The clock icon for the login reward is a bit too bright and stands out from the rest of the bar.
  • Actually, the whole bar is brighter than the color-scheme used for the rest of the UI.

And some requests:
  • Please add a way to resize the bar, even when we have to do it in an ini file. Currently the only way to make the bar smaller is to reduce the global scale and make all other UI-elements larger, but there is no way to change the tooltip-fonts, so we have to choose between readable tooltips and a small bar fitting a small UI.
  • Please let us move the bar all the way to the upper border of the screen. The gap makes the bar stand out even more from the rest of the UI. I know it's there to make it easier to grab the bar with the mouse, but either let us close the gap, or keep the blue border that appears when we open the welcome window.
  • Maybe allow us to flip the bar vertically?
Let us turn off that gaudy flashing icon over every vendor's head.
Let us sort our companion list and hide or kick out the unwanted ones!

FlameYOL's Avatar

11.23.2020 , 09:43 PM | #2
All great suggestions, especially being able to move the bar vertically. I'd still keep it as it is but I could see its uses depending on how people organize their interface.
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