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Starship Graveyard

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05.14.2019 , 02:26 PM | #1
So i know its been mentioned before that a Hoth SH should be a thing but i'm just wondering why it's still hasn't happened. Sure some people dislike Hoth because of all the white but surely a SH in the Starship Graveyard of Hoth is viable considering how large it is.
I've been personally waiting for a Hoth stronghold since Nar Shaddaa was given away free to subs. I actually got a Rishi SH for a while and just ignored it and went back to Tatooine because its smaller and kind of like how a Hoth SH could be planned out. In terms of a Hoth SH, the balcony Tatooine has could be a destroyed bridge of one of the star ships. You could use the elevator down to the surface and have a landing area hidden within the wrecks. Maybe have a combat arena for pvp designed as a white maw arena or something along those lines. There's various things that could be done with the Starship Graveyard as a stronghold overall.

You could even have other ruined ships as rooms around the SH to be unlocked.
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