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HELP! Can't make up my bloody mind!

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HELP! Can't make up my bloody mind!

FreddyBeach's Avatar

10.31.2019 , 07:27 AM | #1
I am coming back from a very long break (over 4 years). I have been agonizing over which class to play for the last week or so. When the game launched I leveled all the classes on both factions but as I have been away from the game for a long time I am looking at starting over on at least 1 fresh new character. As my time is limited somewhat I am looking to take one class to start and take through all the expansions to the end of Onslaught to experience all the content story, to group with occasionally and to have fun with in pvp in non rankedI liked all the stories from all the classes before so I really do not have a strict preference.

I am looking for a class that has the solo potential for harder content. My understanding is that the nerf? (changes) to companion healing have made the game slightly more challenging in some regards. My worry is that I start a class and I get to a point where I am unable to enjoy the game at a solo pace with the class I selected and will have to potentially start over (I am somewhat limited on time these days so I would rather not).

Any suggestions on class? Are all of the classes still pretty capable of doing pretty much all the content available more or less solo?

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

XingFlorida's Avatar

10.31.2019 , 01:01 PM | #2
If you are looking for a class to solo with, go with Imperial Agent. I'd recommend doing Operative as it will be easier to level up, but Sniper is also good, your preference.

FreddyBeach's Avatar

11.01.2019 , 05:40 AM | #3
Thank you for the suggestion.

I am currently looking at the operative or the assassin.... ugh decisions.