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The Zenith fanclub

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03.12.2012 , 10:17 AM | #21
I used my consular as a harvester gathering parts for my cybertech Jedi knight shes making all my mods for me. Zenith will have good gear along with all my other companions .

Been sending my splicers out on gift missions got a lot of empire stuff to give to him to. Don't get his fascination with the stuff but know he likes it a lot from his affection levels

He really can pack a powerful punch geared up though and I know im not halfway done with him im going for fully mod everything and just trying to get both him and my sage geared up nicely.

I am going to have to read that fanfic and I agree about Zenith being a great fiction romance character. He has a good mix of trust issues, attitude and a good heart covered by an ice wall that getting to know him helps melt. I really hope Bioware takes notice and gives us romance options with him.
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03.12.2012 , 10:29 AM | #22
Hehe, that's what I do, although for my sage she is sending her unused artifice crystals to her little 'sister' for synthweaving.

I've got a ton of nice medium armor orange craftables, so Zenith will be looking quite nice in no time tonight
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03.12.2012 , 02:08 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaesoron View Post
Sign me up too! Although I dont think he's a very good fit for my build/playstyle but I found myself doing exactly as he says at the end of Balmorra

Up untill then I have found it difficult to be a darksided Consular.
Balmorra was the place where my consular made many dark side decisions... But I'm a fan of Zen too. Currently leveling his affection up
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03.13.2012 , 12:17 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by kulykat View Post
Link to fanfic.

I don't update it often, but I do have some rather grand and amusing plans for it
Love the story so far. Please, don't stop!

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03.14.2012 , 05:24 AM | #25
I've been waiting for this thread for ages!

Since when I started playing my Shadow I always wondered: why isn't Zenith romancable? I mean, he's good looking, he's sexy, he's smart and his dark personality makes him look definitely hot.

WHY OH WHY Iresso? He's a good guy but nothing special. He's not even funny. He has no particular talents not even an interesting personality.

Is there anything sexier than a handsome Twi'lek Sniper whose proud personality is the furthest from being a slave?
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kalarigamerchic's Avatar

03.14.2012 , 01:43 PM | #26
I love that there is a part where he is talking about needing to do better, and you actually gain more affection by getting on his case.

Hes no sissy man and if you tell him that you have no issues with his screw ups he doesnt like it. He wants you to show discipline and keep him at his A game. It just makes me love the character more.

I don't get Bioware at all they make this awesome character who is pretty much by your side whether you planned for him to join you or not and yet he is not a romantic option at all. I just don't get it I really wish they would put him as an option in the next update I just dont think of Felix in that way.
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Ashu-ri's Avatar

03.15.2012 , 07:39 AM | #27
I would much rather romance Zentith than Iresso.....I mean, Iresso


At least with Zenith, what you see is what you get. He's totally upfront with everything, and well, he makes me smile when Iresso does not. And not to be - well, I think Zenith is sexier than Iresso.

kalarigamerchic's Avatar

03.15.2012 , 08:22 AM | #28
Welcome to the club every one and definitely agree about Zenith's sexiness, he has a good look to him a great voice and his personality is more appealing to me then the other companions. I like that I don't hear him prattling on when we are doing missions, he speaks mostly when clicked on unless its a quip or something sarcastic and most of the time thats funny.

I was so hopeful when I originally looked up Zenith there was a site with companion information that had him listed as romance able. I wonder if he originally was and they took him out because of conflict issues? I guess they figure a Consular would rather have a goodie two shoes like Felix but bleh.

Now that I have been playing my Knight a little more and dealing with DOC its like oh come on a Jedi knight is almost under the same moral constraints as a Consular (but gets to kill a lot more) and we get a dashing wisecracking playboy.

I don't want a grown up boyscout for a love interest, give me the Balmorean bad boy
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I am not evil I am morally obtuse, Chaotic Neutral 4life

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03.15.2012 , 11:06 AM | #29
Kalarigamerchic, you have to add the link to that post to your signature. And we will keep it up.

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03.15.2012 , 11:17 AM | #30
Can someone explain to me what's so interesting about Zenith's story? Or what makes anyone think he has a personality?



That's the entirety of his quest and pretty much all we know about him. If it's the voice/appearance, I can dig that. But, Iresso is braver, has overcome greater adversity, and is a more multidimensional figure. Why does the nice guy finish last with you ladies?