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Fallen Empire, does the fighting ever end?

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Fallen Empire, does the fighting ever end?

Nebel's Avatar

11.05.2020 , 02:37 PM | #1
I just found out the ancient ship and clearing the monsters inside it, but I got tired of fighting a whiiiiiiiiiiiiile back.

I like the new companions but I'm really tired of fighting. How long until I get back to my ship and my crew?
I noticed I can use the ship transport, but I'm afraid that I'll mess something up in the story.

The question remains, is the whole Fallen Empire just one big fight?

MadDutchman's Avatar

11.05.2020 , 05:09 PM | #2
It varies from chapter to chapter, the first few are on the more intense side, prison breaks being what they are.

Overall though, you'll find there is more fighting and less peaceful walking than in previous content, though there does also tend to be more cutscenes.

You get your ship back in chapter 9, companions come back at different times in the story, but you can get them back outside of the story in chapter 9
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Hadsil's Avatar

11.06.2020 , 08:23 PM | #3
There will always be fighting, but it does get less intense in later chapters.

Minor Spoiler:

You get back your Companions, sort of. What happens is particular, but not all, companions from all the classes show up as part of the story. If any of them are your Companions based on the the Class you're playing you will get a short reunion scene. Unless a Chapter story forces a Companion on you, you can then use them as your normal Companion for game play but they have no dialogue scenes unless the story would normally give them one. The exception is Vik for Trooper. He will not join you.

Companions not in the script do not show up. After Chapter IX when you do the Find A Findsman Quest (Trooper reunites with Yuun in particular) to show you how it's done, your Alliance Associates have Alerts, which are mini-missions you can do that aren't necessary for the Story. They're like the Side/Heroic Quests you see on planets during your Class story. Many of the Alerts bring back Companions of any Class. If they happen to be your Companion you get reunited. Be warned: Your dialogue uses old school original Knights of the Old Republic conversation operating procedure. You choose dialogue, but your toon doesn't speak.

Some Companions still won't show up in Alerts. A few return after Fallen Empire in later Stories, such as the Iokath epilogue and the new recent Onslaught. There you get regular screen conversations when you reunite if it's your Class Companion.

OddballEasyEight's Avatar

11.07.2020 , 08:30 AM | #4
Yeah, I'm kinda tired of fighting too...

So I just set my companions to DPM and tell them to fight everything for me...
Works great.

Meanwhile, I'm just chilling in the background.

(I only really have to step in for the big boss fights... of which there are too many IMHO)
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Nebel's Avatar

11.07.2020 , 08:00 PM | #5
Well, I'm in Chapter X and it's just been more and more annoying.

Not just that the new expansion has tons of fighting, but the fights are unavoidable.
Knights of Zakuul charging me from a mile away. Enemies spawning from nowhere. Hardly anywhere I can mount and just run away from things.

AND I'm barely getting any XP.

Lightser's Avatar

11.11.2020 , 03:54 AM | #6
Yea i found the fights quite tiresome, but i felt the boss fights were fun (had to look out for not falling over ledges though). The fighting got better during KOTET imo, and the story was enjoyable enough during both expansions.
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11.12.2020 , 05:27 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightser View Post
Yea i found the fights quite tiresome, but i felt the boss fights were fun (had to look out for not falling over ledges though). The fighting got better during KOTET imo, and the story was enjoyable enough during both expansions.
Majority of the feedback on the expansions (and memes) made clear how annoying and pointless most of the trash mobs and inescapable fights were. There were even too many boss fights, all melding in my mind into ''extra-beefy trash mob ###'. It really kills the will to run through those chapters, even if one enjoys the story, and thats part of what makes the Swtor experience what it is. Who needs an endless struggle with 2 decaying super armies when we already have BioWare and the players?
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11.12.2020 , 09:20 AM | #8
i dunno what you guys are talking about: The Emperor died on Ziost, a few years pass as Acina consolidates power and launches a new campaign against the Republic led by zombie Malgus.

anything in between was just a fever dream.

pfft Zakuul ****

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11.26.2020 , 12:08 PM | #9
And here I've just renewed my subscription to see what all the fuss is about.

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