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Commando/Mercenary needs major defensive nerfs and all knows it

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Commando/Mercenary needs major defensive nerfs and all knows it

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12.13.2017 , 04:33 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Turn-XGundam View Post
what about before 5.0?? i remember the class being super easy to kill. also its not as mobile as you claim to be, tracer is the main component of arsenal and its casted 90% of the time.

heals are not that strong if you're in dps spec.

TR nerf is huge almost half of healed amount as before 5.6 , kolto wasnt nerfed a lot .

cc is the bust solution to when mercs use dcds. especially energy shield and reflective.
That wasn't a nerf, that was a slap on the wrist for mercs, and a slap in the face to everyone else who really got nerfed and nerfed again. The difference is completely undetectable in PVP and it matters only slightly in PVE in the first place as there will always be multiple healers present.

That BS strategy that people have tried to pawn off as being a reasonable counter measure to Merc DCDs is used all the time, and while thats great, you maybe aren't healing them, you also aren't damaging them and they are unloading 6 seconds of burst dps into your face during that time, or if they feel it necessary they just spam their self heal with those 6 seconds and they heal up anyways. Now, if those Mercs were gonna be gentleman about it and not take the opportunity to attack you while you weren't attacking them, than I'd say fine. But, they seldom return the curtosity and just blow the side of your skull off. Breaking LOS, isn't always possible, at best thats a 50/50 depending on the map, but a merc with the slightest skill and know how is going to keep you slowed so you can't do that, and given the amount of slows the can spec into, you are being slowed and not breaking the LOS more than 50/50. Their CC kit is rediculous. Slows are death to melee when ranged is concerned. Ever try to slow a merc or a sniper? Of course you haven't, why would you bother, it's not going to keep them out of attack range like they can and do to melee every three seconds.

Heavy Armor, Tank defensives, Heals only second to pure healing specs, crazy good mobility, CCs up the azz, ranged, endless slows potentially, extra lives, and yet, they still run when Melee get in swinging range. Sniper's at least have an excuse as to why they would prefer to stay out of attack range of melee and it isn't because they are so worried about a melee beating em on for 5 second, it's because they are most effecient when they are not moving so they do make easy targets for the 2 and half seconds which is as much uptime as your likely to get with em as melee. Mercs don't have mobility considerations, they just run because they know it's safer to attack people who can't attack you back.

There's a word for that. It's called coward. And when you bring a gun to a knife fight, the guy with the gun may be the one who's still alive when it's all over, but he didn't win a fight, he shot someone. Not that Snipers are much better mind you, they're just not quite as mobile as mercs are.

Wzs are still nothing more than firing squads with ranged pot shoting people who are fighting other people from 5 blocks away while thinking that takes any skill to do whatsoever. I would be shocked if even you would not agree that the ranged advantage ranged specs have over melee is a significant factor in PVP. I say that because, if there really is no difference in the effects of some having better attack range than others, there is absolutely no reason for mercs and snipers and sorcs to stand so far away from the melee they are shooting at. If there is no difference, than stand right up in their face, like they HAVE to do to attack you and go blow for blow. Melee cannot do it any other way and they do it with a lot less healing/DCDs than mercs and snipers have. It's not like standing in their face is going to make it so you can't use any of your abilities or it will effect you DPSing. So, why stand far away?

Why shoot at people who can't even attack you back because they can't leave the door they are protecting for getting bombs planted on them? That's fighting to you? That's not being a straight up bytch?

Why are you shooting from all the way up there on that big pipe up overhead next to your sniper pal? As a show of bravery on your part? Not like the very second someone leaps to you up there ur just not gonna use your knockback, than slow them when they hit the ground again. Than you and your sniper pal demonstrate the great skill and battle prowess it takes to light a slowed melee's *** up from on high. Ranged sucker-punching at it's finest.

Just for the record here, I'm not saying I think it's unfair that Mercs and Snipers have the defensives they do and the level of heals they do. I'm saying I think it's unfair that any DPS spec in the game, DPS sorcs, PTs, Maras, OPs, Juggs, for any of em to have them, melee or ranged. That's not what DPS is suppose to be about. At least Snipers aren't pretending like they aren't in a great place.

If a person has to kill someone three times for them to stay dead, and that person with three lives only has to kill that person once [which, for all intents and purposes is the case for mercs because even if you play it smart, you have no control over what the idiot next to you is doing [when the merc puts up his reflect, even tho he can achieve almost the same but just taking the opportunity to use his self heals], what you have just created there is an imbalance.

Doesn't matter anyways, not like the devs are gonna do anything drastic to Mercs and Snipers, you're in the clear. Just do the rest of us a favor, just enjoy your good fortune and stop pretending like you got it anything but made in easy town. You enjoy shooting people who are fighting other people, or are slowed, or are guarding [or all three at the same time] from 5 blocks away , go for it, just don't expect to get respect for it.

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12.14.2017 , 03:06 AM | #22

i am not gonna bother reading that essay

i always played merc since the game came out, we were always farmed before. its ok, its time for us to take our revenge and farm other classes now.

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12.14.2017 , 09:59 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
TLDR redacted to shorten quote
Give me a friggin break, the bottom line here is that you have no idea how to deal with any ranged class and expect everyone to stand still and face tank you or fight you on your terms. The only reason you arent complaining about Sorcs is that they are under powered and dont scare you.

How to deal with Mercs has been explained to you, you simply dont want to do it, thats a you problem, not a Merc problem.
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12.17.2017 , 10:00 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by WayOfTheWarriorx View Post
So basically anyone who doesn't fight by your rules is a coward. Idiots like you are always the first to die.

Because the first REAL rule of combat is this. There are two types of people who remain on the field of battle. Those that are dead and those that are gonna be dead. This isn't dueling pistols at dawn. It's war. In war you never fight fair. You sneak up behind the enemy and you bash him over the skull and you blow his brains out. I understand this. This is why anytime I ever meet you in combat I'll beat you down and try not to get any on my boots as I do it regardless of what class I play.

Don't like it, cry me a river, build me a bridge then get the hell over it cause IDGAF.
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