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Are Mercs better rDps than snipers?

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Are Mercs better rDps than snipers?

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01.14.2018 , 06:51 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
you didn't understand what I said however. I never said don't ever use a offheal if needed as a DPS merc, however don't lower merc DPS just because they have an offspec of heals. what they were attempting to say is that because Mara, and Sniper only can DPS (they can't tank, or heal as a spec) both classes should have more DPS then every class that can do one of the other roles, or even if they had an offheal/battle res. This is nonsense to believe that. Now as for your later comments about everything Mara's, and snipers had making them desirable for Operations groups being nerfed, that is nonsense. Both classes have utility that are very desirable in all Operation groups. The Mara's have the raid damage buff (very useful in every Ops boss), as well as the Group run speed buff (both of these skills are UNIQUE). The Snipers haven't had the Ballistic shield nerfed at all for PvE bosses (also a UNIQUE CLASS ABILITY). Only the heal got nerfed from that, and nobody brought a sniper in for the self heal utility from that ability, they wanted the shield to help Mitigate damage to the Ops group.

Class utility that may help with reducing the amount of damage, or helping with mechanics is just as important in choosing a class for a raid team as the DPS that a class can purely put out is. having a class with solid DPS, and utility is always a great choice, and out of the 3 classes i've seen in this post Mara's, Sniper's, and Merc's all have solid damage and utilities for any Ops team.
i play merc as main for 6 years and u cant expect to have the same dps with other utilities available better defensive cooldowns heavy armoured off heals combat rez and crowd control skill if u want to play pure DPS class go mara or sniper merc is dps with group support skills BW did say 2-3 years back that any class that can with this sort of skills won't be better than pure DPS class