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Cosplay: Dread Mistress

Ion-Silental's Avatar

10.27.2014 , 05:29 PM | #1
Hi guys, lately I was busy building armor to cosplay on MCM London Comic Con.
I always liked Darth Bestia look (old version), it was also inquisitors pvp armor .
Want share some pics. Did not finish under mask layer on time, but I was glad I did not cover fully head, so my sight and hearing was not limited
Ion Silental
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Damask_Rose's Avatar

10.27.2014 , 06:45 PM | #2
I can't find a good screenshot to compare, but you look great! What did you use to make the pauldrons?

Anysao's Avatar

10.27.2014 , 07:24 PM | #3
I'd like to buy six please.
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Exosasa's Avatar

10.27.2014 , 09:59 PM | #4
Musta felt badarse going to the forest to take the pics. Nice job... what'd you make the pauldrons out of?

Ion-Silental's Avatar

10.28.2014 , 02:41 AM | #5
Pictures taken on the lawn in front of Expo entrance by my friend .
Later I used photoshop to blur background and add some lighsaber glow

Here is photo together with other star wars cosplayers .

Shoulders are made from expanding foam, covered in few layers of newspapers with white glue, on top ready made filler and acrilics primer.
Used same method like in these video tutorials: carving and coating .
Ion Silental
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Hazaz's Avatar

10.29.2014 , 02:23 PM | #6
Very cool cosplay, Ion! Thanks so much for the links on materials and approach.
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Ion-Silental's Avatar

11.16.2014 , 05:31 AM | #7
You are welcome Hazaz.
I will try finish head piece for next comicon trying master molding.
Here another picture together with my daughter, she was dressed as darkside version of princess Leia
Ion Silental
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Eidolooon's Avatar

11.16.2014 , 08:27 AM | #8
One is red One is blue click on my ref or baras will visit you(at night)!
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Obreck's Avatar

11.16.2014 , 04:52 PM | #9
Wow, good stuff. Love the attention to detail.

Ion-Silental's Avatar

05.28.2015 , 08:59 AM | #10
So after a year, again for MCM London Comic Con, I finished Dread Master Bestia mask. Now you can compare it with printscreen from the game

Syfy's 360 degree camera record

More pictures here
and here

And you can see me shortly in this video at 1:58s

Ion Silental
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