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Ch1 Wrath and Ruin - Defeat the Zakuul Walker

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Ch1 Wrath and Ruin - Defeat the Zakuul Walker

Protoaloe's Avatar

07.14.2019 , 01:27 AM | #1
Help, I am stuck in this game not being able to do this and cannot go on, sob..........
OK the Zakuul walker is so clumsy hate to play it. But anyway, when I have to kill that other Zakuul Walker I run/walk up to him and I can get 1/4 point on killing the bastard and get killed myself.

I looked at the walkthrough and that guy killed him with stepping on him non stop but that for me does not even hurt him one mm. I can only hurt him by firing at him and get quite far (also killing small mobs coming along, along the side) but every time I get a tiny biit upon killing that Walker, I die.

This is so frustrating and it looks like it is a bug or something!

To have a thing like this in a game and thereby causing a person that has played for years on this game to come to a dead stop because I cannot go on is sooooo frustrating!!!! I don't know what to do.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

07.14.2019 , 03:09 AM | #2
Periodically, the Zak walker will cast(1) a big attack, and during the cast time there will be a red "path" with fences on the side showing where the attack will go. When this begins, break off what you're doing and move yourself out of the path. Do not hesitate, do not pass Go, do not collect 200 , just move. Even if you're concentrating on flattening the adds, you still have to get out of the way of that attack.

If the stomp isn't working, that means you aren't close enough. The stomp is unusual in that you can do it even if there's nothing in range, just like "Slam" for a Sith Warrior, because it's what's called a "Point Blank Area of Effect" (PBAoE) ability, but you do have to be right up close if you want it to actually work.

Last thing to check: do you take advantage of the repair station just off to the right (as seen looking up the slope at the shrine) before you attack the walker?

(1) Terminology: "cast" = activate an attack that takes time to wind up then delivers a big hit at the end of that time. As opposed to "channel" = activate an attack that takes time to happen, but delivers packets of damage/healing repeatedly during the time.
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07.19.2019 , 10:57 AM | #3
You can walk while charging your mega-beam cannon (that's what I'm calling it in this post, anyway), and while doing most of your attacks. Keep moving. Don't stop. Walk, shoot. Walk, shoot. When rocket-launching skytroopers land and charge up their rockets, take them out. One of the cardinal rules of almost any operation boss fight is to kill adds ASAP. It's no different in this one. Also, like Steve said, there's a repair station right near the area where the fight takes place. It looks like a green circle of light. Step into it before you start the fight. Finally I'd suggest using all your attacks, not just stomp. Use your missiles. Use your mega-beam cannon. Use the regular blaster cannon. Use all your attacks. Keep moving around constantly while doing it.
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