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Where can I find dialogue options for in game story lines?

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Where can I find dialogue options for in game story lines?

MasterSutt's Avatar

06.18.2019 , 08:29 PM | #1
Hey does anyone know where to find the dialogue for the different class story lines? I am just curious about this part in the smuggler story line. It is when Risha is telling you what happened with Beryl Thorne. I just want to know what the third option is. I usually try the different ones because I like hearing the different dialogue. The line right before is, "I escaped, Beryl didn't. She blames me for not rescuing her from the imperials." The third option is: "I would too." I am just curious on what the exact dialogue you say and what she says when you pick that one. Not a big deal but am wondering. Also if someone can provide a link or website where I can read the dialogue options for the game or find them, that would be cool. I don't like spoilers so I would only use it to review old convos and see the options I missed. Ty and hope you are doing well.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

06.19.2019 , 12:55 AM | #2
I don't know of any transcripts anywhere, but at least some paths through the conversations have been recorded as videos and posted by players on YouTube and similar sites.

And if you want to see conversations, don't forget that the Esc key is your friend - it abandons the conversation and lets you restart it as if it didn't happen. (However, use it with caution because there are a few options, usually telegraphed with things like [Kill] or [Attack], that end the conversation very, very abruptly and don't give much or even *any* time to cancel.)
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