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I'm Tanking at Tanking

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I'm Tanking at Tanking

Buellzebubba's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 03:55 AM | #1
So I've been playing for a while, DPS exclusively because that makes sense to me. Now I'm trying tanks and enjoying it, but I'm obviously doing something wrong. Most of my enemies fight against my damage companion. Very few go after me. I thought tanks were supposed to attract the attacks while healers and damagers did their thing. What am I missing?

Torvai's Avatar

06.14.2017 , 04:54 PM | #2
Depending on the gap between your comps influence level and your gear, alot to nothing.
To judge this, you need to know how threat works, the value that determines who a mob attacks. At least a basic undertsanding.
So here you go: damage=threat for a dps and heal on the target you're hitting. heal=half threat ]i]divided[/i] by the number of targets.
Tanks have double the threat for their damage, with a few core abilities providing even more than that.
A mob will hit the terget, that has the most threat.

The problem is, a tank hardly does half the damage of a decent dps. So for example: you do 2k dps as a tank, which would be roughly 4-4.5k tps(threat per second). A decent dps and also a high level comp deals ~5k dps, which is already more in threat.

What you can do about it is guarding your comp or a dps player if in a group. This will reduc their threat generation by 25% and should be enough in most cases.
Additionally, taunts kind of produce threat, so use them when you loose your targets attention.

Other than that, maybe you're playing the tank spec wrong to some degree, I can't judge this. But it may be worth for you to check on a guide on

This was just a really basic rundown on how it works, if you want a more in depth explanation, look here