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Question for all of you Jugg Tanks

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Question for all of you Jugg Tanks

xiiMPuLSe's Avatar

03.10.2017 , 11:32 AM | #1
Do you personally use the B-Mods for the health or do you go for more of the def stats on jugg as opposed to the sin or PT?

KendraP's Avatar

03.14.2017 , 11:25 AM | #2
Even for juggs (guardians in my case ) the defense from the "optimized" tank mods really isn't needed. My personal setup is to run the b defense (warding b) mods. Even then you can afford to drop defense. Many people are running either optimized or b version lethal mods (dps ones, with power).

I have started running the low defense, high tertiary (shield/absorb), high endurance enhancements. The defense is still high enough and I haven't sacrificed any shield or absorb to make it happen.