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DCDs in Tanking

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09.04.2017 , 04:31 PM | #1
What are defensive cool downs and how am I supposed to be using them in tanking?

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09.04.2017 , 04:33 PM | #2
Which class?

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09.04.2017 , 05:34 PM | #3
Jedi Guardian

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09.04.2017 , 06:06 PM | #4
Saber Ward: 12s, Reducing all FT-Damage by 20% (or 25%? doesn't matter) and increasing defense chance by 50%. Use it, when you engange MR-Damage (white damage, usually done by blasters or swords, basicelly auto-hits), because it makes you immortal against it. Also use it, when you just want a dcd, that helps against everything.
Warding Call: Reduces all damage incoming by 40% for 12 seconds (15 with set bonus). Use it, whenever you think, you need to get near to no damage.
Saber Reflect: Makes you immune to single target force tech attacks (special abilitys, some bosses also have FT autohits, works against most of them) for 4 seconds (6 with Daunting Presence-utility).
Blae Blitz: Makes you immune against everything for a very short amount of time (i think 0,5 seconds). Time it, to mitigate predictable spikes. Needs a high knowledge about when a boss does what to use it properly. Also use it, to bypass a certain distance, if your charge isn't ready.
Focused Defense: Gives you 10 healing stacks, that aren't really noticeable. Use it in situations, when you need healing, while you receive several hits in a short amount of time. They are helpful, when you are low on health and the boss does many small hits, so that they are triggered before they fall of.
Enure: Gives you +25% maximum health + the healing needed to fill these 25%. Use it, when you're about to die and need healing. Also use it, to eat spikes, that you won't survive with normal maximum health.
Awe (the AoE-Stun, don't know, if this is the correct name, due to the fact, that I don't have the english client): Reduces the MR-Damage done of all enemys within the effect range of awe by 10% for 10 seconds (or 5? don't know). Use it, when you are tanking something, that does MR-Damage and if you think, you need a small dcd.

I don't give a guarantee for the correctness of that list. I play guardian very rarely, when master race ( Mostly Harmless) becomes boring.
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