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Rotation for concealment operative?

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Rotation for concealment operative?

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02.23.2018 , 07:11 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by CristianDRamos View Post
I will do. And i wanna say really thank you for all the help. The improve is incredible. I reach almost 12k with mistakes ( ) i am number 3 behind you and stabigail. I will continue practicing and when i can make this more often i will try the next dummys. Really thank you! the improve is amazing from 9k to 11.6k thanks to you! you are the best!
oh he knows he's the best lol
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04.02.2018 , 12:40 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Miho View Post
When opening up on a boss you should always be in stealth and start with Backstab (triggers Acid Blade and Calculated Frenzy) into Volatile Substance (makes the target assailable), followed by a Veiled Strike (triggers 6-set bonus and makes the target susceptible) and a Laceration (triggers 2-set bonus). .
I played SWTOR at launch but took a hiatus shortly after RotHC. Just came back to the game and am trying to get up to speed on all the changes to my beloved Operative.

SWTOR has always suffered from a bit of "ability bloat". I'm curious about how you have your bars set up? It seems I have a half dozen self-heals, a few abilities that spend TA that are more utility in nature, and a distinct absence of Orbital Strike and Carbine Burst.

Are there any abilities that are pretty much useless for Concealment Ops? Right now I literally have all abilities on my bars while I "re-learn" how to play, but I'd like to trim it down to the essentials and useful utility abilities.

Any feedback is appreciated. I've been gone for 3+ years and so much has changed to the class and the game as a whole, it's a bit overwhelming.
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04.02.2018 , 10:48 AM | #33
Would say if you went purely single target, as if you were parsing, the following abilities you'd need are:
(Not in order) Backstab, Veiled strike, Lacerate, volatile substance, corrosive dart, crippling slice, rifle shot, overload shot (very rarely or situational). Alone with your stim boost and possible raid wide (tactical superiority).
Carbine burst was replaced with the multi knife throwing ability (forgot the name) and toxic haze is a pseudo orbital, but just requires a tactical and is thrown at your feet instead of being placed. Sever tendon and debilitate are all that should be left from this list aside from defensives healing etc.

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04.06.2018 , 11:48 AM | #34
Most abilties are useful in Concealment. Overload Shot, Sever Tendon, Frag Grenade and Noxious Knives (replacement for Carbine Burst) are used very rarely and you can get away without using them at all in PvE. In PvP Sever Tendon is pretty important. Toxic Haze and Infiltrate could also be considered as not necessary, but they have their uses. I honestly keep everything on my bars. Toxic Haze is the only half decent AoE Concealment has, although still pretty poor. Frag Grenade is a decent ranged filler when you have energy for it, while Overload Shot is a decent melee filler if no other abilties are available (which shouldnt really happen) or if you're within a 4-10 min range.

Long story short. Overload Shot, Sever Tendon, Frag Grenade, Noxious Knives, Toxic Haze and Infiltrate are totally situational in Concealment and not using them will never put you in any disadvantage in PvE.

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