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Taris Bonus Series Can Become Non-Completable

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Taris Bonus Series Can Become Non-Completable
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Frost_D's Avatar

12.06.2015 , 10:00 AM | #11
Same problem here.... :'(
I did not even bother to open a ticket, you see the last time I waited 2 weeks and still no answers to my tickets...
Frist bug on Rishi and now on Taris... BW do something as quickly as you can!!!!
I love this game but is not acceptable to wait so many time for a fix, OHH Yes and of corse my sub day are ticking...

Frost_D's Avatar

12.08.2015 , 12:25 PM | #12
Well sadly the mission is still unfinishable.

Defrago's Avatar

12.08.2015 , 01:24 PM | #13
Confirming, recent patch doesn`t make anything to it

Frost_D's Avatar

12.08.2015 , 02:05 PM | #14
Well I've just read a previous reply...
We are sorry that you have encountered an issue with your mission, however please be advised that we currently only offer support for class story missions.

If your mission is located within a story area or flashpoint, please try leaving the phase by either:

Walking out of the Phased Zone via the Portal Entrance (Green Gate)
Reset the Phase by right clicking on your portrait and selecting reset phase /reset local phase.
Using your Quick Travel ability to a Bind Point.
Using your Emergency Fleet Pass.

If this does not help fix your mission problem, or the mission is not located within a story phase or flashpoint, please try resetting the mission and then attempting it again.
OK! And what happens when I can't do the mission because I've already finished the mission what I had to finish to continue the Bonus mission?

I leveling a new character because there was another bug on Rishi before the previous patch and I had to begin a new character (with the old one I finished the KotFE Chapter 9 so I was unable to go back and finish it). I REALLY hope they fix this bug quickly.

DreamShot's Avatar

12.09.2015 , 09:00 PM | #15
Bumping to ensure this thread is kept alive and not forgotten. I ran into the same issue and found out on my own that I had completed some missions before starting the bonus series, which has messed the whole chain up.

And it doesn't help that the support system has so far proven completely useless. Either they autoreply with something that makes no sense (WHY would you only help with class story mission? Everything in the game is your work, and these are your bugs!), they reply super late, or if you have the idea of calling their support line because you're tired of mail-based support system, the people they have aren't trained to do much.

I looked up the issue on the forums and I saw tons of threads on something really similar to this as far back as 2012... I don't know if it's the exact same issue but if it is then that's beyond sad.

if I was playing WoW, a GM could just reset my quests and I could start again with the knowledge in mind not to do quests before they're available in the chain ever if they show up. How hard would that be to do, Bioware?

Frost_D's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 01:16 PM | #16
Another patch and still no bug fix!!!
Come on... Another bug was on Rishi 2 weaks ago some kind like this: class mission bug. I had to create another character because I couldn't finish it coz this s****d idea which I can't go back and finish non relevant mission after KotFE. Now I'm playing with my new character and THERE IS ANOTHER BUG.... do I really have to stop playing this game????

Doriath's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 10:38 PM | #17
Also having this problem and it is driving me crazy. Just want to finish the quest so I can continue on with the game. As OCD as I am I don't even want to play until I can finish the series. Guess I will give ESO a try in the mean time.
Are you seriously suggesting sir, something sinister sounding circumstantially surrounding some scissors?!

sirlou's Avatar

12.13.2015 , 05:32 PM | #18
Sam problem encountered 12 Dec. Submitted a ticket. Same response. This needs to be fixed. We pay (as subs) for all missions, not just the ones they care to let us play.

If not fixed I guess the response in voting with my wallet and buy the unlocks I need and unsub.

Totally ridiculous response from CS.

DreamShot's Avatar

12.17.2015 , 02:48 AM | #19
They should at least come here and acknowledge that a fix will be on the way soon... Again, from what it seems to me looking on the forums the issues has been around since virtually the game's launch, but I cant be sure if those complaints are for a different bug.

ErrEff's Avatar

01.02.2016 , 05:18 PM | #20
I just bumped into this same bug. Cannot interact with Engineer Ferron because I've already done his quest a long time ago when I was first on the planett, thus my Bonus Series on Taris is broken.

He shows up on the minimap as a quest point but there is no marker above his head.