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Bug Report Forum Guidelines <READ BEFORE POSTING>

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Bug Report Forum Guidelines <READ BEFORE POSTING>
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05.20.2013 , 01:14 PM | #1 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Welcome to the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Bug Report Forum! We appreciate that you are taking the time to report bugs that you’re seeing.


1. If your issue requires Customer Support action, please contact them directly by filing an in-game help ticket. These issues are not able to be handled via the forums, and they should not be submitted as bugs.
Examples: item or vendor issues requiring restoration, issues where your character is stuck and unable to progress for any reason, etc.

2. If you need technical support because you can’t access the game, please post in the Customer Support Forums or contact Customer Service via phone. These issues should not be submitted as bugs.
Examples: errors when logging in, unable to patch, launcher issues, crashing, etc.

3. If your issue is a bug that does not require Customer Support assistance in any way, it should be submitted as a bug and the report is appropriate in this Forum. Please do not create or post in a thread in this forum without first sending an in-game /bug.
Examples: combat or ability bugs, incorrect tooltips, UI functionality issues, etc.

4. Do not post about exploits or Terms of Service violations. Please submit these issues using an in-game /bug only. Threads of this nature will be removed from the forums.

5. Double check that your problem is not already on the Known Issues. Also, double check that the issue has not already been posted.

6. Please avoid posting "compilation" threads consisting of more than one bug. In general, unless things are closely tied together (such that you have a hunch they're caused by the same thing), threads and reports of this nature are far more difficult to track and parse and will generally not be good for replies and/or status updates.

Often we will post in threads in this forum to gather additional information about something that is reported or to update the status of a particular issue. However, please note that while we will be reading every thread and report in this forum, we will not respond to every thread, and a developer response in a thread is not an indication of the significance, priority, severity of a bug, or a guarantee that the bug will be fixed. Thanks for taking the time to ensure that the Bug Report Forum is a useful and informative place for both players and developers!
Amber Green | Live Services Specialist
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