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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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03.31.2017 , 06:17 PM | #8991
So, to make it less repetitive, I decided to level some of my remaining 65s and other lowbies to 70 doing Vet FPs via GF, instead of doing boring heroics or Chapters 1 and 2 of KOTFE with DVL leveling armor like I did with most of my 65s.

I only DPS or heal, and don't have any spec'd tanks. As DPS, I have mained Veng/Vig Juggs/Guardians in one HM progression Team and Arsenal/Gunnery Merc/Commando in another. As Healer, I have mained both Operative/Scoundrel and Merc/Commando heals. I also used to main Carnage/Combat Mara/Sent too. So, when it comes to these classes/specs, I know what I am doing. Anyway, on one of the servers I play on (not the one I raid on,) I decided to get those advanced classes max level, to give me more options in the future, in case of population decrease and raid teams falling apart on other servers.

I wanted to get my remaining DPS toons to 70 before I did my remaining healers. I started out with my level 65 Sent and Mara first on that server. My DVL leveling armor had all up-to-date mods and enhancements (level 65) and had all optimized level 65 BiS MH, OH, and left side (and augmented.) I queue for Vet FP via GF with my Mara and the first one that pops is The Foundry. There were 3 70s and 1 65 (me). All of us were melee DPS (3 Maras and 1 Sin.) Before the first trash pull after we zoned in, I get a whisper from one of the other Maras, who accused me of being a hack. He asked me how I could already have Gold Armor (meaning Legendary Armor,) while only being level 65. I had to explain to him it was the DVL levelling armor from the DVL event last summer. Apparently he either didn't do the DVL event or didn't realize BW changed the armor to Gold Armror after they allowed the armoring pieces to be modded. He was staring at my toon for at least a minute without saying a word. One of the others in the group got impatient and pulled the first mob. As a group, we tore through that mob very quickly, but one of the people did die (the person who pulled, I beleive.) Apparently, the guy who whispered me and questioned the legitimacy of my "Gold" armor, being not yet level 70, got mad and rage quit after that unexpected mob pull. Don't know if he quit because he thought I wasn't going to pull my own weight, being the only one not level 70 or because of the first trash pull (he wasn't the one who died nor was I.) After he left without a word, one of the level 70s pulled out a companion and we cleared everything quickly without one single death.

On another Vet FP via GF, I was on one of my Merc DPS and we got Korriban Incursion. And the group ended up being all level 70 normal group (1 tank, 1 heals and 2 DPS.) Tank was a Sin, the healer was an Operative and the other DPS was a Jugg or Mara (can't remember.) Anyway, The tank was very, very good and knew what he was doing, as was the operative healer. I had just turned level 70 on that Merc but I already had my level 70 set bonus gear via legacy gear from my other Merc DPS and Commando DPS. Three of us were very good players but the other DPS lacked confidence in his team, especially the healer. We get to the first boss and that other DPS starts to panic right off the bat. He was the type of DPS who spent more time running from Kolto station to Kolto station self-healing instead of DPSing. The healer was doing a very good job keeping us alive and that DPS had no reason to do what he was doing. The healer got pissed and YELLED in chat for him to quit doing it. The tank then said something in chat about "Have faith in your healer." Eventually, that DPS got the message and quit doing it but he didn't say one word the entire time in chat. We cleared the whole thing without any deaths. I whispered the healer and told him that I hate it when it happens to me when I am healing a tactical/vet mode FP and was the main reason I don't like doing them unless I am running with guildies for conquest or something like that. Normally when I run with guildies, we do HMs/Master Modes.

After I got all my level 65 DPS to 70, the real fun started. I began to level my remaining healers via Vet FP GF. Almost every single one that popped, the groups were doing what they did in that Korriban Incursion one. They were running around going from Kolto station to Kolto station instead of allowing me to heal them. It was pissing me off. It seems most of these people who run Vet Modes/Tacticals use the Kolto stations as a crutch instead of as an emergency. During one of them (I think if was The Foundry,) we had 3 level 70 melee DPS and 1 Merc Healer (me). One DPS (Sin) was in fully augmented Tier 3 gear already , one (Jugg) was in fully augmented Tier 1 with a mix of Tier 2 gear and the other (Mara) was in mostly unaugmented blue 230s with a couple 230 set pieces. Anyway, they were all good player ripping through everything, but on every single boss fight, the Jugg and Mara were too worried about Kolto stations. I finally got ticked enough to say something in chat about it. I said something like "You don't have to be 100% topped off on Health at all times. LOL." Of course, it went ignored, and they kept doing it, especially on the HK and Revan fights in The Foundry. Healing is about triage, not keeping every group member 100% healed at all times. From my observations healing these tactical Vet modes, it seems each person has their panic moments at different times. Some panic when their Health drops below 80% or even 90% and for some the panic doesn't kick in until their Health reaches 50%.

Two more Vet FPs worth mentioning:

1. My level alt 70 commando Healer queued for one (just turned 70 but had full set already from mirror class and another commando healer.) Depths of Manaan pops. The other three are 2 Scoundrel DPS (both Scrappers) and 1 Gunslinger. The Gunslinger and one Scoundrel were level 70 and the other Scoundrel was level 30-something, but seemed to know what he was doing. The gunslinger, on the other hand, was clueless on many things, even though he thought he knew what he was doing. We get to Ortuno, and the Gunslinger was drawing the most threat since he was the one at range with the hard hitting shots. Ortuno kept going after him, but instead of using his Surrender (threat drop) to allow the scoundrels to just gently kite Ortuno out of the flow spots, the Gunslinger kept zipping back and forth all over the room with his rolls without dropping threat and hitting Ortuno with big shots. You can imagine what the floor looked like. The flow was all over the place and not many spots to get out of it. Of course on that first pull, the lowbie scoundrel died first (not much I nor anyone could've done to save him.) Then the other scoundrel bit the dust after the remaining 3 of us got separated and the next set of adds spawned (I'm healing at range and the Gunslinger rolling to who knows where.) Then I got swarmed by the adds and stunned by Ortuno right when next flow happened.. Last one remaining was Gunslinger, only because I was chasing his butt all over the place trying to keep him healed. A few seconds after I died, he died. So, we decided to give it another pull. On our way down to Ortuno, the level 70 scoundrel tells the Gunslinger in chat to quit spreading the flow all over the place and to use his threat drop and have faith in the healer (me.) Then I said something in chat immediately after that and said if you rely on Kolto stations in Vet mode when there is a level 70 healer, there is no way you will be able to do Hard Modes. On the second pull, the Gunslinger kept doing what he was doing on the first pull. So, I changed my tactics. Since he was too concerned about healing himself with Kolto stations, I let him. I quit chasing his butt, trying to keep him healed. I stayed closer to the scoundrels when I could. Gunslinger was still pulling threat and Ortuno was chasing him most of the time. When they could, the scoundrels were punching, kicking, backblasting away on Ortuno and I kept behind them healing them. When the Adds came, everyone, including me, were AOEing them down. The lowbie scoundrel did get stunned and caught in the flow towards the end and died on that second pull. I can't remember if I used Battle Rez on him or not. Probably not since I was probably saving it for one of the level 70s in case one of them bit the dust. On the final boss, we didn't wipe but only me and the level 70 scoundrel knew the mechanics. The lowbie scoundrel said he used to know them but had forgotten them. The gunslinger didn't say a word. Of course when we started and the first fire came, only me and the level 70 scoundrel ran to the fire. After a few moments, the lowbie scoundrel saw what we did and followed and picked up on the mechanics from there on out. The gunslinger was just doing his own thing. Since he was pulling threat, the boss wouldn't come to fire. Finally the level 70 scoundrel SCREAMED in chat to get his butt over to the fire. He got the message after a couple fires had already dropped. We beat the timer and one-shotted the boss.

2. On that same commando healer but before I reached max level (60-something,) Mandalorian Raiders pops. Get a level 70 Shadow tank (good player,) a level 60 Sentinel (decent player but reckless) and a level 50-something Sage DPS. Immediately, I noticed something weird about the Sage. He was wearing low level green trash gear you get from drops on Tython and Coruscant (I thought not that big of deal because of Bolster.) I wouldn't have really cared if he had been level 20-something, but since he was level 50-something, that was alarming. Anyway, on first pull, the Sage runs ahead of the tank and does a force wave to aggro the mob. The tank didn't say anything during that first pull (giving benefit of doubt that it might have been an accidental click of the mouse or button push by the Sage.) We clear that mob. We get to the second mob (Pack of Dogs I believe) and he does the same thing. This time we all wipe. Tank says something in chat to the Sage to quit doing it. No response whatsoever. I then notice the name of the toon. It wasn't even a real word; it was a bunch of random letters. I whisper the tank and told him to look at his name and his legacy achievements. Was definitely a credit farmer based on his name and lack of achievements except for the kind you expect to see on credit farmers (Could've been a newbie but I seriously doubt it since newbies wouldn't know what achievements you get from doing particular types of credit farming (maxing out slicing early on, and other crew skill missions while also having max companion influence on vanilla companions.) The sage didn't respond to one thing in chat said by the tank. I think he probably didn't even know English (Chinese maybe???) The Sage kept running ahead of the tank and aggroing mobs. So, the tank, me and the other DPS just stayed behind until the Sage died each time and then we finished off the mobs. When it came to the boss fights, the Sage did seem to know the fights. After it was over and we got our rewards, the Sage immediately dropped group. Then the tank and I started freely chatting to each other instead of whispering. We both put the sage on ignore and reported his obvious fake random name that many credit spammers use.

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04.01.2017 , 01:36 PM | #8992
Man I do not post in this thread often, but OMG I so have to tell this story...

So we are at the end of Taral V and two of the group go to hide in order to make the encounter easier. I say in group chat, "You cannot cheese this anymore." and the healer jumps down my throat calling me a 12 year old for using the word "cheese" like that.

Long story short, we ignore each other. Only thing I can guess is that they are a English teacher who has seen one too many book reports written in twitter-speak .
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04.02.2017 , 01:06 AM | #8993
Quote: Originally Posted by psandak View Post
Man I do not post in this thread often, but OMG I so have to tell this story...

So we are at the end of Taral V and two of the group go to hide in order to make the encounter easier. I say in group chat, "You cannot cheese this anymore." and the healer jumps down my throat calling me a 12 year old for using the word "cheese" like that.

Long story short, we ignore each other. Only thing I can guess is that they are a English teacher who has seen one too many book reports written in twitter-speak .
Actually you can, Turrets cant hit you and adds come all to your location, so you can aoe them down. But its easy fight without los even in HM and its tottaly pointless in veteran. So its pointless, but some really want to do that. so I adapt then

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04.09.2017 , 11:32 PM | #8994
Did not thing I'd post here but here we go

Yesterday, after about 1hour (as I saw with the CXP boost I had) waiting for tanks (seriously, where were the tanks on Prog?) my boyfriend, who was queued as Sentinel, decided to switch to his Guardian tank. Two minutes later, Rakata vet pops.

The other two were a 70 Shadow DPS and a 30-something Guardian DPS. Shadow only talks to ask if our guild is pve/pvp, never talks again. Also, likes to run ahead of us and pull before my boyfriend. Doesnt follow us when we use shortcuts and doesnt use stealth either.

First boss, Guardian has kolto fever and clicks them every time his health drops a bit (c'mon let me do my job!), neither him nor the Shadow pay attention to the war chief so I have to fight him while healing. Hopefully 30-something Guardian finally stopped fighting the beast and hiting koltos and came to rescue. He asked my boyfriend to taunt the chief (?) but understood when he replied he couldnt as you cant taunt him.

This guy was a bit green but listened. The Shadow, on the other hand... he kept doing whatever he wanted and even taunted the beast! Did he stop when my boyfriend kept telling him to stop taunting? Nope. Did he help low level Guardian to fight the chief? Nope. Anyway, we finally killed them and move on.

Shadow keeps pulling, not following us and now, also taunting. So, finally, before we get to the boxes part, we kick him. Sharpshooter linger joins and everything goes smooth.

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04.10.2017 , 01:32 AM | #8995
did you really have to wait an hour for a tactical to pop or were you just declining every time if there was no tank in it?

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04.10.2017 , 02:47 AM | #8996
Heh, you catched me there

We declined because there was no tanks

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04.10.2017 , 03:42 AM | #8997
I'm getting a bit tired of people saying "you can't do this flashpoint with 4 dps" honestly.

Yesterday, queued for veteran with my over geared T3 merc. Box listed one tank and 3 dps. Everyone accepts, and Manaan pops. I ready my swimsuit when the tank quits, saying "No, not this one". I whisper, asking *** that was all about. They tell me it's impossible to do this with 4 dps.

I didn't tell them that
  • They were queued as tank
  • They could just take that FP out of their stupid list if they're not gonna have the guts to do it anyway
  • They could at least frickin' try before giving up

No, put them on ignore instead so I never get a pop with them ever again.

Needless to say we walzed through that FP with my level 50 Vette like there was no tomorrow. Wiped on Ortuno once because I flamingo'ed up my companion micro management and she died, but other then that, easy.

I get that some people have had poor experiences in the past but damnit, at least give people a chance before quitting out! Most of the players Ive met are actually pretty decent. And if you're just gonna quit because "its the wrong fps and it can't be done", expect to be added to a few ignore lists.
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04.10.2017 , 10:08 AM | #8998
Quote: Originally Posted by eriha View Post
Heh, you catched me there

We declined because there was no tanks
Please, dont do it, Veterans are walk in the park with 4 dps, or 3dps and heal combo. If you have shadow or guardian dps, you most likely have tottaly fine tank for veteran ( main shadow inflitration and can tank most of veterans without problems, have some nice DC for emercency). And Prog population are really low, so queue times are long enough without Decliners.

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04.11.2017 , 10:59 AM | #8999
Hmm, seems I'm far from the only healer who gets the panicky types.
Really grinds my gears when the team doesn't trust me.

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04.11.2017 , 01:09 PM | #9000
Someone posted in General: "LFM fake tank Dread Palace SM GF". Decided to queue up my DPS Jugg as tank with 240/242 gear since I had nothing else to do. Everything went smoothly with no wipes until shortly after we killed the 3rd boss. One of our group members, a sniper was kicked for "putting too much strain on healer" and suprisingly, me as well. I presume because they hated the guild I was in (they kept joking about my guild in chat) or because they said they want their guildies to pitch in.

If you guys prefer doing ops with your guidies, then don't bother asking people on general chat.