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Maintenance: October 24th, 2017

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Maintenance: October 24th, 2017
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.24.2017 , 12:50 PM | #161
Quote: Originally Posted by DanaOShee View Post
I tried to open it by execute as admin, now it works
Well, I'll be damned, that worked for me as well.

I'm not even going to try and figure out why. Thanks much for posting this.

ETA: LOL! I'm in game but I can't move. Am stuck with "safe mode login".

This is getting amusing.

Something is quite borked:

1. I can get in game but

2. I can't do anything except move now...

3. Can't cast buffs, can't travel to SH, nuttin'.

And I just got booted.

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10.24.2017 , 12:50 PM | #162
How about we get some damn answers, devs?

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10.24.2017 , 12:57 PM | #163
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
Hi all,

Today’s maintenance was part of the United Forces effort!

We have completed the upgrade of the Game Servers along with all their supporting infrastructure in the Data Centers. We made a large investment of new hardware and software and one of our primary goals was to substantially reduce our footprint while improving our overall server capacity. During our evaluation of the new servers, we determined we could also combine our North American datacenters. That also occurred today and we have officially moved out of our West Coast location. Our testing showed no impact on the gameplay experience, but we expect some of you playing on formerly West Coast servers may see higher ping times. We’ll use the next two weeks to smooth out any kinks and resolve any performance issues encountered.

You’ll see the same Servers today that you saw yesterday. They’re just running on new hardware and, some, in different locations. As announced previously the move to the five (5) new Servers will be on Wednesday, November 8, 2017. At that time all Game Servers and the SWTOR website will be down for up to 12 hours. We’ll let you know the actual start time a few days before.

Report any specific issues you encounter to Customer Service as we’ve established an escalation process for critical issues. Please be a bit patient with us over the coming weeks as we unite players from a variety of servers and try to make this a smooth and painless process for everyone.


Hello Keith,

I have never actually posted in the SWtoR forums for as long as I have played this game, and I had started in beta, pre-purchsed SWtoR.... so i've played from the start. I do have to state first and foremost, that I will (probably) play this game to the ends of it's days. I have been a huge Star Wars fan all my life, since the day i first saw the original movie in 1977 when i was 6. Do the math, I am not some young pup anymore... I am a long time gamer, i won't go on here to promote other games, but I've been playing MMO's for over 13 years now. When SWtoR came along, i jumped onto that boat with overzealous anticipation and excitement that words cannot describe, I love running around in an MMO with a lightsaber, there is no better gaming experience for me.

Which leads me to this,
This news from your post today, dropped as an afterthought has me deeply concerned about the longevity of this game. Don't get me wrong, I do understand the reasoning in relations to the business footprint. I am no newcomer to this kind of process in the business world. So to speak freely, does this truly portent the end of SWtoR as all the f2p trolls in the game would have us believe?.... I have to say this server migration hits very close to home for me, my own career ended when my company decided to streamline processes, downsize infrastructure, all due to lowering their carbon footprint, etc., etc.. Alot of jobs, i mean ALOT of jobs were eliminated in my company because of the exact same philosophy.

My main point in all this is that,
My heart goes out to all the employees and their families, experiencing tougher time because of these decisions Bioware has made, those that you have forgotten to recognize today in your public posting. How many jobs are lost with your west coast office(s) closing? This is a truly sad day in the name of SWtoR. With a heavy heart, I get it though, business decision and all that.

My last thought, since i live on the west coast.... Why the deception? With the initial news of the servers migrating, it was made to look like the west coast severs would remain on the west coast, apart from the east coast servers. With Satele Shan physically existing on the west coast, the idea of two servers servicing the east coast and the west coast separately, was a complete farce. Why not just make 1 North American server?

As a public company, servicing a public user base, taking in monthly subscriptions from kids, teenagers, and Star Wars loving adults, most i would imagine, fans, for the better part of their lives, how does Bioware answer to them, and how does Bioware answer to their parent company, how does Bioware justify treating the Star Wars brand, so very very poorly with it's lack of respect, to it's subscribers, it's fan base, and the MMO world in general, by running this game into the ground?

I pray, that Bioware can turn things around, with all these business decisions, but please, i beg you, fix this game, for christ's sake.
And show the fans, that we truly matter to you, outside of our monthly fees we pay you, and the Cartel Market money we throw at you.

May the force be with you.

P.s. Since i have always thought how great this MMO has been, with your QoL improvements to this game, Can you please please allow some more customization to the UI? I've always thought the blue scheme, to be the most appealing part of this game, why not allow color customization to the UI? Allow color blends like you do lightsaber crystals... anything to make this game appear fresh... Let people make their SWtoR experience, a little more personal.

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10.24.2017 , 01:02 PM | #164
Something is completely hosed. Now I am at char select screen with the following:

"While you play, the game continues to download. If you finish the starting planet before it completes, you may start a new character and play one of the other 7 class stories. When the download completes, you can access the entire game.".

With a progress bar showing 0.00% and not moving.

Lovely. I don't think the game even knows what's wrong with it anymore. LOL!

And now: Login service is unavailable.

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10.24.2017 , 01:05 PM | #165
Whats the point of a West Coast Server that lives on the East Coast?
Combine them all if thats the case, its pointless otherwise. Just give us the Star Forge and be done with it, Satele Shan is now redundant and pointless.

Darned sure should have not stopped the transfer sale once this decision was made.

As a west coast player living in CA i cant say im happy about this. My ping will be 4 times higher
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10.24.2017 , 01:10 PM | #166
Its a shame my optimism is continually bashed about the head with sledgehammer.
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10.24.2017 , 01:12 PM | #167
Quote: Originally Posted by Lxndra View Post
I am so angry about this - I've been irritated with Bioware before, but never this degree of flat-out angry. The decision to stay on Harbinger - Hot Prospect - Satele Shan was because of ping time. They neglected to give us a key piece of information that would have informed character and legacy transfer decisions. Furthermore, they've degraded the gameplay experience for people who stuck to their coast. As someone on the WC, I've tried out WZs on East Coast servers before - the difference is noticeable. Why would they do this to an entire coast of people?
You have every right to be angry. They should have told people the whole truth rather than misleading people by withholding a fact as important to the decision making process as this one obviously was. Shame on them for doing that.

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10.24.2017 , 01:13 PM | #168
Curious why this wasn't announced before (1 datacenter for NA). Some people didn't transfer cause they wanted to keep low ping, which isn't the case anymore, cause it will be similar for east and west coast. And now transfers are down...

Might as well do 1 mega NA server if you are merging datacenter. That way we at least get an even more active server at the cost of higher ping.
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10.24.2017 , 01:17 PM | #169
I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding that the move to a single datacenter wasn't communicated...

From a business POV, it's probably the more economical choice, rent your vhosts in one location.

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10.24.2017 , 01:18 PM | #170
Quote: Originally Posted by Floplag View Post
Whats the point of a West Coast Server that lives on the East Coast?
Combine them all if thats the case, its pointless otherwise. Just give us the Star Forge and be done with it, Satele Shan is now redundant and pointless.

Darned sure should have not stopped the transfer sale once this decision was made.

As a west coast player living in CA i cant say im happy about this. My ping will be 4 times higher
I am guessing that they discontinued the 90cc character transfers because they were afraid that we might do this on our own once we found out what they were doing.

At least this way, if people to decided to transfer toons anyway they will see increased profits, and then they can pat themselves on the back for having a winning strategy.

Of course what they probably didn't account for is how many people that were thinking of leaving anyway will just decide that now is a good time to quit.

I guess we'll see.