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Carnage Rotation Advice (for the new mara players)

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Carnage Rotation Advice (for the new mara players)

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02.13.2018 , 12:35 PM | #21
So, in light of the GCD/Alacrity interactions that have been hotly debated, and considering some of my own characters, I wanted to ask, what exactly constitutes a high alacrity build?

Like, the alacrity targets in Bant's model, which would be around 1482 in tier 4 rating 248 gear? For an alacrity % of 16.11% on the character sheet, and 46.11% during the berserk window which is still a 1.1s GCD?

Or, is it higher, like around 2159 which would give 20% alacrity on the character sheet and reach 50% during berserk for a 1s GCD? I mean, on paper it seems like it would be valid, and when you look Veelox's top carnage/combat parse from last week on the 2.5 mil dummy, the APM is around 60, which would seem to imply that player has high alacrity.

Or more like 1375 Alacrity Rating for a 15.39% on the character sheet and a 1.3s GCD, just like Arsenal Mercs?
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02.15.2018 , 04:02 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by The_X View Post
Here's what happened... back in 2.0 some dev got rekt repeatedly by one or more Carnage marauders. It got so bad that the scream haunted him at night. vmm vmm vmm RAHH!! This dev, unable to L2P or heal to full and make them pay, weaseled his way onto the Combat Team and began systematically dismantling Carnage. Years later.. Carnage has no scream, is no longer really Carnage, and is heartbreaking to play. GG #Carnage4Life
I read this and started laughing, pretty great.