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Any parses from PTS?

sebakonkol's Avatar

03.26.2020 , 06:19 AM | #1
I`m very curious how changed specs performs on PTS after their changes
I checked out parsely and there is no PTS parses right now

Darth_Mardus's Avatar

03.26.2020 , 08:44 AM | #2
They are probably just not public. I uploaded some of my parses to share with guildmates and made them not public.
You're welcome to PTS to make your own parses :-)

ottffsse's Avatar

Yesterday , 10:16 PM | #3
From classes that are receiving changes I did sorc parses with good precise rotations.

Lightning will parse 22.5-23.5K range and Madness 22.2-22.9K range depending on crit luck.
ref Melisen / Sage Zrella / Sorc