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Shadow Tank (stat/gearing check)

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Shadow Tank (stat/gearing check)

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09.07.2018 , 05:55 AM | #21
And while this may not directly apply to Shadows/Assassins, because they don't have damage-dealing skills linked to mitigation stats, let's look at the case of Guardian/Juggernaut Riposte/Retaliation. I looked at three parses by Sim'thar of the Leviathan server in RAV, TOS, and Tyth veteran mode. Riposte accounts for 12-13% of their outgoing attacks in those fights. Most of the riposte usage is probably after Guardian Slash, which procs it, but GS' cooldown is 12 seconds and riposte is only 6, so there is potential for some use while GS is still on cd. It seems like having a higher defense chance might be beneficial in that scenario.
Just considering the Defense Chance loss from swapping from Warding B 52s to Lethal B 52s, and assuming optimized legendary 52 enhancements, that represents a difference of 22.88% defense chance to 17.90% defense chance, or a difference of 4.97%, and a gain of 1314 power which results in an additional 302 bonus damage to ALL outgoing attacks.
On face value, it seems like 302 bonus damage, which at a tank's normal 1.5s GCD is about 201 dps under conditions of sustained up-time, would be more beneficial than added ripostes because of higher Defense Chance. But let's do the math.
Riposte occurring 4.97% more often during defendable attacks well, if its true that around 80% of the attacks during the Tyth 8-person vet mode fight are potentially defendable, then we're talking about riposte being potentially available during 80% of the time. It looks like most fights are around 244 seconds for TTK. It seems like that fight is longer than 4 minutes on story mode for my guild, but whatever. So, if we round up to 250s for convenience, that means around 200 seconds of the fight is available to be defended, and its about 166 GCDs total. Since GS has a CD of 12 seconds, that means we will get around 16 uses of GS in that time frame. GS proccing Riposte accounts for 16 uses of riposte. But, that also means there is a 6 second window 16 times during the fight where Riposte could be procced from a defended attack while GS is still on CD. If Defense Chance is, say 22.88%, then that could be 3 extra ripostes (19 total 19 attacks out of 166 total is around 11%, close to the observed usage of riposte). If Defense Chance is 17.90% that's only 2 extra ripostes. So, that nearly 5% difference in defense chance might be one more riposte during that fight. So, what's the base damage of Riposte at level 70, around 2500? So one extra riposte in that 250 sec Tyth fight is 10 dps, versus the 201 dps I'd get from the Lethal 52B mods.
Is my analysis correct?
I would imagine the analysis would be similar for Vanguards/PTs and Energy Blast/Heat Blast which procs from successful shields, except that the impact of going from Legendary optimized 52s to Adv Steadfast 54s on shield chance is much, much less than the Defense Rating impacts. Furthermore, on fights with low incoming M/R, the impact of extra ripostes from extra Defense Chance is even less.
Again, this isn't completely relevant to the discussion of Shadows/Assassins per se, but I wanted to explore the notion of Defense Rating being nearly completely useless.
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09.08.2018 , 05:46 PM | #22
Just to give u a heads up heat blast is based of shielded attacks. I believe this also holds true for juggs. Also juggs benefit from the extra power for their force scream shield. Power directly affects how much this damage is absorbed.
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09.08.2018 , 06:38 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by ZouYan View Post
Also juggs benefit from the extra power for their force scream shield. Power directly affects how much this damage is absorbed.
True, but the difference is quite minimal. A full set of lethal b mods adds about 213 to bonus healing (which is what sonic barrier scales with). There's a good argument to be made for getting lethal mods over warding mods, but survivability not part of that argument.

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09.08.2018 , 10:08 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Maxitrac View Post
Whats up with SMARTY recommending about 300 less shield/absorb than what people are saying is optimal here? Why does SMARTY want you to take crit over more DR?
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