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Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes

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Conquest Feedback and Upcoming Changes
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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03.25.2018 , 11:47 PM | #511
Quote: Originally Posted by olagatonjedi View Post
Your post explains exactly why it was a good idea to making completion of personal and guild conquests more difficult for people who only dwell in one area of the conquest tasks. If everyone (Or the majority) segregated themselves to only aspects of the game they personally enjoy, it would leave many areas high and dry. 5.8 changes were a step in the right direction.
Ahh, the "You're not having fun the way we want you to have fun, so we're going to force you to have fun our way, even if you don't like doing that, because we're sure that you'll enjoy doing something you don't like once we force you into doing it enough" premise.

Let's say you knew someone who thought that getting smacked upside the head with a 2x4 was the greatest thing in the world, and to make sure that you got to enjoy that, too, every time you saw him, he'd smack you upside the head with a 2x4. How long do you think it would take you to stop having anything to do with him?

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03.26.2018 , 01:10 AM | #512
Quote: Originally Posted by RudeDog View Post
Thanks for listening, I guess. How about listening before you make stupid changes? Anyone with half a brain would have known these changes would irritate the players. You guys keep making poor changes and then spend months fixing (or not fixing) the mistakes you made. How about doing it right the first time.

Here is an idea:
  • Go the to suggestion forum
  • Find some suggestions that the majority of the players want
  • Implement those suggestions
  • Stop making decisions on your own; you have proven to be incompetent when it comes to decision making
They are not listening not even a tiny bit.
It's obvious that they want to try and polish the turd conquest system that they just pushed out.
Hoping that we will swallow it down - let me stop you right there Biohazard - no one likes to swallow your turd no matter how much you polish it as it's still a freaking turd!

Roll it back completely!

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03.26.2018 , 01:39 AM | #513
Quote: Originally Posted by DmdShiva View Post
That's not true; I found it to be quite rewarding -- I got both of the world boss goals without a problem. That I got them while running the CZ-198 dailies, each one for defeating a basic mob was a problem, and points up how broken the system is.

But it can be both broken and rewarding -- the latter just not the way Bioware intended.
I would not consider getting points for something that I did not earn as rewarding. It's more like cheating!
And it's a huge amount.

Further more I do not consider not getting any points at all everytime rampage progress resets as rewarding.
That was what I commented on originally.

I do not consider getting a tiny amount of points for doing GSF/PvP rewarding.
I do not consider getting zero points for doing daily and weekly Fps.
Don't consider crafting rewarding as the yields just went up like crazy.
I do not find conquest rewarding on alts due to legacy lockouts.

Don't consider the personal conquest mission goal as rewarding and I don't consider the stupid non-visible vendor rewarding.

Have I made my point or would you like me to continue?


03.26.2018 , 01:49 AM | #514
Heya..ALL THE crafting changes made is just killing the whole system!!!STOP monitoring and bring it back where it was!! if u must do some changes to it, lower the points but take away that all mats needed to make one war suply.thats just BS! example grade 6 and 7 mats are close to none to harvest so thats first thing, second is that all companions that is lvl 50 has been complete waste of creds for crafting with this system!!

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03.26.2018 , 02:03 AM | #515
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post

Your Feedback
We never saw this revamp as being a perfect change out of the gates, but it is a first step for us in crafting an improved Conquest system. Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we can immediately start making changes to get things to a great place. Now that you understand what our goals were, letís talk about the things we are hearing from you.


This really isn't good. I mean, I don't think us players expect perfection either (which in itself is bad), but we do expect to feel as if you guys are trying to improve the game. You tell us that you are, but the content you come up with shows us your view of improvements is vastly different than ours.
You really need to start asking us what we want before spending months completely reworking something that only needed a few tweaks, and didn't even need those tweaks urgently.

You also really need to know what you're doing yourselves and then explain it to us in detail well before rolling out patches.
Apparently the Conquest during the Gree event was always a bit different than others - maybe you should have either given us the Conquest part of the patch during another event (as it was only the new raid boss that needed another week?) or at least reminded people about that. I haven't done much Conquest or weekly events so I don't know the details personally. But still, it would have made sense to me to roll this out at the best possible moment, which is something you should be able to decide.
You need to understand what the players perceive as worthwhile content, yet you don't ask until after you realize you pissed them off. This makes no sense to me. Can you really afford to lose more players? Or is that what you've been told to do?

Anyway. Since you did (sort of) ask now, here's what I wanted/hoped for/expected from a solo-player's perspective:
- New rewards (new decos, maybe even a few to choose from, including from newer content)
- Player's and/or guild's choice of bonus-activities so people could play what they enjoy, be it PvP or Ops or solo. Best case would be character-specific bonuses, so people could do different activities on different chars
- "New" activities - how about recycling old planetary bonus series? Space-on-rails missions? Crafting and handing in specific items (for example armor/weapons) to aid the "war effort" as we're maybe, possibly, moving back towards imp/rep conflicts? That way we'd even get a snippet of a story-excuse for doing Conquest. And in that vein, farmable special items on the Guild Invasion planets, both in the open world and heroic mission/flashpoint/WarZone/Ops instances, to be handed in for bonus Conquest points and/or special gear/decos
- UI improvement. The UI didn't even need much "fixing" for me as a solo player, but sure, if the whole system got a proper revamp, which I erroneously assumed based on previous information, the UI needed to be changed. But for the better, not this uninformative mess we have now

To be honest, though, I didn't think much about the whole issue beforehand. I still had high hopes for Conquest to finally become something I was eager to do, and on more than one character. I read too much into the word "revamp", I suppose, because I was really expecting and hoping for big, proper changes, not just a facelift.

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03.26.2018 , 02:18 AM | #516
Well its almost over and I managed to cap 5 toons, it was not fun though and I wont be spending that much time on it again.

I'm hugely disappointed that the companions I spent so much time and credits levelling are now pretty much worthless, and that crafting is now removed as a way for smaller guilds to make their mark in conquest.
I wont be making war supplies ever again under the new system, they are a total waste of time, effort and resources, so once I run out of them I wont be making invasion force either.
This means even fewer toons will cap going forward and if I want to spend time in any of the smaller guilds that I'm a member of then I'll probably have to pretty much abandon doing conquest for my main guild.
Have not decided which way that will go yet.

Biggest disappointment is how pointless all the alts I made and spent time levelling are now. There is zero incentive to ever make another character here anymore and the whole thing just seems so much less social now.
My normal routine involved capping toons in at least 4 guilds and once in a while putting my main focus in one of the small guilds if they were making a particular effort to get up the leaderboard.
This last week I have not had time to even log those characters.

IT SUCKS and unless you change the point yields in a major way I dont see your proposed changes making much difference at all.

New ops boss seems like fun but only got round to looking at it last night because of what you did to conquest.

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03.26.2018 , 02:34 AM | #517
Eric said it very clearly in his post. They want people to earn points throughout the week. The game is not designed for casual players.

Meaning that they want Conquest to take you all week to accomplish. Sadly I do not have all week to play. This game is now broken for me. Conquest was the only thing I enjoyed about the game. I do not care if you fix PVP rewards. (Sorry PVP'ers but I just do not enjoy killing other players.) I was literally just crafting conquest as a holding out. Waiting for them to finally bring back Kira so my main could win back the love of his life. I was never expecting the Developers to destroy the game for me. The story and companions all went to ****. For an entire year we watched as they consistently brought back companions that, lets face it, none of us really care about. While slowly taking away companions that we were forced to develop relationships with. For me my SWTOR journey has been about the enjoyment of the game and right now there is NOTHING that I am enjoying about it.

You said you were listening to feedback.So here is mine.
Drop the legacy lock outs for conquest. I did not level 36 alts for them to be worthless. That took an extremely INSANE level of commitment, time, energy and money to accomplish. I feel like you are punishing me for my loyalty.

Bring back Crafting......the way it was. Maybe change the reason people are exploiting the crafting. Maybe by making the Flash Point/ Ops Difficulty more realistic. If players could get the same reward to time spent ratio for completing and Ops/Flash Point as Crafters did for Farming to Completion they would run more group stuff. Instead you took the Opposite route and made the crafting as difficult as completing Veteran Flash Point. So instead of creating enjoyment, you created anger. (Yes I am saying the problem is not the crafting, It is the Difficulty to Enjoyment ratio of the rest of the game.)

Bring back repeatable rewards for PVP'ers and Flash Point runners. If that is what they enjoy about the game then why should their game time be less valuable to their guild then a Crafter or Ops runner.

Quit trying to FORCE people to play this game the way YOU want them too. And just allow them to enjoy the parts of it they they enjoy. No matter what you do someone somewhere is going to find an exploit. All you did is force the crafting exploiters to find another exploit. (a.k.a. The Ops Lock Out Exploit.) So quit punishing everyone else who IS NOT using exploits.

Disgruntled Fan
Passion, Hatred, Seduction and Immortal. The Dark Gift.

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03.26.2018 , 03:09 AM | #518
Quote: Originally Posted by MacCleoud View Post
Also, just wanted to run some supply numbers at you. If you start with no War Supplies and you want to make 1 invasion each day for five days on 4 crafters (20 total here) You will need the following mats

320 Grade 9 Mats
320 Grade 8 Mats
320 Grad 7 mats
320 grade 6 mats
480 Grade 5 Mats
480 Grade 4 Mats
640 Grade 3 mats
640 Grade 2 mats

This comes to a total of 5200 items to be farmed. Just wanted to throw that out there as you look at the Crafting piece.

Also adding another bit about the daily/weekly Flashpoints as well.
Consider that is 5200 mats farmed over 8 planets, travel time with a 2 min loading screen. Travel time to the farming site. Additional time if you have to kill mobs. The time for each pick up, and run from node to node. Then factor in downtime time to launch 2-8 companions on white crafting materials missions. Add in time it would take to launch 2-8 companions, all making crafting components for war supplies prior to them even making the invasion forces. And Finally the 4 hours it takes to make each Invasion Force. (which I guess could be all done at the same time)

Can someone please do the math for the fastest way to Farm (Not Buy) these mats? I'd like to see how much actual play time farming these mats would actually take. I haven't crunched numbers but something is telling me this might not even be physically possible to achieve in one conquest cycle. Let alone repeatable the following week after week.
Passion, Hatred, Seduction and Immortal. The Dark Gift.

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03.26.2018 , 03:40 AM | #519
Quote: Originally Posted by Darkgift View Post
Eric said it very clearly in his post. They want people to earn points throughout the week. The game is not designed for casual players.

Meaning that they want Conquest to take you all week to accomplish. Sadly I do not have all week to play.
I typically spend alot of time in game every night and have a multitude of alts and this isnt for me either..... so who does that leave?

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03.26.2018 , 04:35 AM | #520
Quote: Originally Posted by AmityAmy View Post
I typically spend alot of time in game every night and have a multitude of alts and this isnt for me either..... so who does that leave?
The only ones that are going to be left are going to be F2P's and those that have either game-time cards still active or have purchased the long-term subs. Oh and those 3 or 4 people that think that this crap was a good idea. I suppose those 3 or 4 people will have fun in the future trying to do group content and won't start whining until queues taking 10 hours to pop.