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Post Your Character Backstories!

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Post Your Character Backstories!

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08.04.2020 , 08:38 AM | #1
Like many of you, I have my own backstories for my characters. I am curious about what you guys have come up with. To avoid really long posts, I recommend posting one character at a time unless you can be brief.

I will start with one of my characters. The first character that I created and played in SWTOR.

Ilkedian Keva - Kedi to his freinds

Chiss male LS Imperial Operative – He started out fairly neutral and became more LS and anti-Empire overtime. He felt incredibly angry and betrayed by the Empire when he found out that they brainwashed him for being too good at his job. He was angry with the Ardun Kothe for exploiting the brainwashing, but he didn’t feel betrayed because there was no true expectation of loyalty at that time.

My headcannon is that part of the agreement with the Empire that the Chiss Ascendancy came to with the Empire involves an annual quota of Chiss required to serve the Empire. This would be handled a lot like the military handles these things (I am prior military, so I am drawing from my own experience here). First the Empire opens the requirement up to volunteers. If they do not have enough qualified volunteers, the Empire then “voluntells” people or, if you prefer, conscripts the rest. These conscripts are drawn randomly, and qualified “volunteers” are taken form the conscripted individuals. The Empire tells the Chiss Ascendancy what they need. The Chiss Ascendancy handles the actual acquisition of qualified people.

My Imperial operative, Ilkedian, is one of these conscripts. He never actually wanted to be an Imperial Agent. He wanted to be an archeologist working directly for the Chiss Ascendancy. Failing, that, he would have been a decent fit for the Imperial Reclamation Service. The Empire had other ideas.

His father is a Historian and his mother is an Archeologist. They are loyal members of the Chiss Ascendancy and, therefore, loyal to the Empire. They did not question the Empire when they were told that their son died during a training exercise while he was, supposedly, in boot camp training for military service. He did not inform them of his survival for their safety and his. Their obliviousness lasted until he became the Alliance Commander and, as such, too prominent to hide. They have not tried to contact him at the order of the Chiss Ascendancy since the Chiss Ascendancy is uncertain regarding his current loyalties.

He has a younger sister, Mi’rrena who is force sensitive and trained as a Sith Sorcerer and a much younger brother who he has never met.

He also has several cousins that are part of the republic. His Aunt and her husband defected before he was born. His cousin Y’rissa is a Republic Trooper (Vanguard). She contacted him after he became the Alliance Commander and they correspond and they have met a few times on neutral worlds.

After he become the Alliance Commander, he romanced Arcann, which caused the Chis Ascendancy to further question his loyalties. After all, before he was an ally, he was the Emperor of Zakuul. At the very least, in the opinion of the Ascendancy, this reflects questionable judgement.

His true loyalty is to people not governments. He despises the Empire, but not the people in it. He distrusts the Republic but has nothing against the people in the Republic. He just wants to help as many people as he can.

Let's see what you guys have come up with!

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08.04.2020 , 09:49 AM | #2
Most of my character don't have an intricate backstory but my main does and its essentially this, he was born between the union of 2 Lords from midly influential families. However due to his mother trying to screw over his dad so she can get a bigger powerbase and yadah yadah the usual Sith stuff his parents both die and since he was the only one alive he's the one who gets the consequences which ends up being slavery, this is a pretty small summary mind you and since I never wrote an actual backstory (I guess you could say its less of a backstory and more of a headcanon) then its highly subject to change.
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08.04.2020 , 07:31 PM | #3
Darth Mo'drak - Lord of Darkness

Born to the warm dark caves of Rattatak to a bloodline long feared and shunned, Mo'drak would not long after becoming independent of his mother be sold into slavery. His clan collected a fair price for the latest, and possibly last, in a long line of great warriors and unstable monsters. The early years of his enslavement were spent working and struggling to stay alive in the new battlefield of the Empire's slave population, an endeavor that Mo'drak found himself well suited for and soon was thriving as the weaker slaves soon found themselves indebted to him as his childhood of combat training and brutal survival training combined with the increasingly common feelings that led him to secret stashes and warned him of pending attacks were proving instrumental to his survival and by extension those who stayed close to him.

Everything changed for Mo'drak when by the Emperor's decree all slaves were to be tested for force sensitivity. Mo'drak found himself being taken away from his budding gang of fellow slaves, none of whom would survive the experience. Mo'drak proved himself a natural with the electro-staff and was soon proving himself capable of not only incredible feats of infiltration but also durability as he proved himself just as at home amidst the swarms of his foes as he lays waste to them with skillful strikes of his weapon as well as manipulations of kinetic force and even electricity. Though thoroughly ruthless in a fight he is drawing concerns from his trainers as he seems also too soft, often taking the time to help the less skilled learn to fight and even to show mercy in combat. Few expect him to amount to anything and the decision to send him with the batch of potential acolytes destined for Harken in their minds will ensure his defeat as Harken is nothing if not ruthless and efficient at weeding out the weak from the strong, especially those born of alien stock.

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08.06.2020 , 10:03 PM | #4
Name: Rōnen (after his ancient Sith Ancestor)

Sector: Tion Cluster - Outer Rim

Home Planet: Rhen Var

Race: Human

Age: 20

Born hundreds of years after the Great Hyperspace war into a Sith Sect, that hid itself in a molten subterranean labyrinth deep within the frozen planet of Rhen Var, Rōnen was thrust into a brutal and austere life of will, hatred and survival. Much of his existence was spent in the Citadel where he, and the other young Sith trained, and mediated in the abyss of the Dark Side, preparing themselves for the "Dzwolasha". A trial of survival, that consisted of braving the remaining ruins of the harsh barren world, to find an ancient Sith lightsaber hilt, and then its fiery crystal, within the deepest reaches of the terrifying Sith labyrinth.

Many young zealots, force adept and otherwise were churned out by the sect, believing that only the strongest would survive to claim the saber, and become greater, or Derriphan. Rōnen was the last of the sect, as he faced the Eldritch horrors of the depths, with a vibroblade, and returned to 'devour the Ember'. Rōnen destroyed his sect, and their great citadel, with the saber they trained him to achieve. But they happily sacrificed their lives, to compete the cycle, and set free the fire that would consume their ancient foe, the Je'daii, with revenge and furry. Rōnen was left in a static communion with the dark side of the force, until the reemergence of the Sith, the conflict with the Republic, and a seeming wound in the force.

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08.06.2020 , 10:12 PM | #5
Nice stories! I personally don't have anything like that but I love reading the stuff people create for them!