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Cusromer Service wont fix Romance and Mission Bugs

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Cusromer Service wont fix Romance and Mission Bugs

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01.05.2019 , 06:09 PM | #1
So I now have 2 toons that have just up and lost their relationship with Theron. Both choose to start a relationship with him and never stopped. But the game just deleted all history of their romance.

Customer Service tells me that my conversations have consequences (well duh!) I know that is why I made the choice to romance him.

So I thought well ok so they are never going to fix their Bug that made me loose him so I guess I can romance Arcann. Because I never killed him, so I made sure to read how to get the Unmasked Regret mission and completed the chapters and missions needed for it to show-up.

The mission doesn't show, so I contact Customer Service and they tell me that because I started Jedi Under Siege the mission Unmasked Regret auto completed.

But! I have NOT started Jedi Under Siege I haven't even accepted the Jedi Under Siege from my ships console.

So basically that is their Customer Service response to every thing "oh we F'ed-up your character, no it must be something that you did" Sorry! Can't ans wont help you with our f-up!

Same kind of response for the lose of the Theron romance....

And I pay to play this game, guess maybe I'm the stupid one!