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Force Storm Triggers Merc Reflect

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Force Storm Triggers Merc Reflect

cflems's Avatar

04.08.2020 , 04:35 PM | #1
As of 6.0 launch, force storm (a sorc's aoe attack) triggers both the healing and the damage penalty from hitting into a merc's responsive safeguards, as if it were dealing single target damage. Since it is an AOE attack, this is in error, and as far as I know damage from suppressive fire, sweeping blasters, and death from above do not suffer from this issue. It seems like it should be an easy fix to change force storm's damage classification which was probably accidentally modified when 6.0 was released (this problem did not exist as of the end of 5.10), but please get around to it as this glitch severely cripples a sorc's ability to counterplay a merc in pvp. I saw another thread on this subject a couple weeks ago which was promptly ignored, so I've supplied much more detailed information in the hopes of catching developer attention. I can supply screenshots as needed, but anyone can test this in a duel. I'm unsure whether the problem exists in lowbies, or whether it begins at level 75 but this is something I'll look into.

EmperorRus's Avatar

04.12.2020 , 06:11 AM | #2
I can confirm this