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[BUG] Torian Cadera vanished ...

RobbieWS's Avatar

08.03.2016 , 12:54 AM | #191
nop he is still gone for me .... just come back to the game started a bounty hunter, did the quest and he is nowhere to be found

kobiqoi's Avatar

12.07.2016 , 04:10 AM | #192
Still gone *** is this **** been subbed since day 1 and been waiting over a year for them to fix this ****
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Caehler's Avatar

12.06.2017 , 07:23 PM | #193
This so called "BUG" still exists!!

I finished the class story arc on Taris and Torian fantom "joins" my crew. By this fantom join I am referring to me telling Mako to assign him quarters on the ship and poof Torian is gone. He never shows up in my companion list nor does he show up anywhere on the ship..

This is seriously absurd in my opinion.. Apparently this "BUG" has not been fixed after more then 2 years.

It is embarrassing tbh.. EA-Bioware-LucasArts-or who ever is responsible do you not cringe inside?

I joked with a fellow player about how Mako either assigned him quarters on the other side of my ships airlock or chopped him into tiny pieces and stashed him in some hard to get place on the ship..