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Forget Me, Remember Voss (spoilers ensue)

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Forget Me, Remember Voss (spoilers ensue)

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06.24.2016 , 04:07 AM | #11
Filler again, sigh, but still has to be in the story, setup chapters are such a pain. And hyperspace travel is not instantaneous, which would have been nice. Bridging time for the next few is going to be a bish, but they at least will go somewhere. Bear with me.

Scene IV

Rey’elle had been perusing information sent to her from what was left of imperial intelligence that also coincided with reports she had received from Arden Kothe. There was a new player in town, remote worlds on the far edge of the outer rim were being attacked, but no one knew by whom. The attacks were few and random, the information was spotty at best. At last, some work she could throw herself into, something to keep her mind occupied.

She heard the chime of an incoming call on her private channel. She opened up her handheld holo transmitter and made sure the meeting room door was closed. It might be Arden Kothe. Instead it was from Hoth and someone she had never expected to see again. “Aristocra Seganu, what a very pleasant surprise. It has been a long time. What warrants this communication? Miss me or is this business?”

A familiar and handsome blue face became clearer, “Indeed I do miss you agent. Sadly this is business and not pleasure, more’s the pity. Do you know a Voss citizen by the name of Phi-ton by any chance? Voss is a bit off the beaten path, but evidently someone has linked you with this man. Are you feeling well, you look a bit….. tired.”

Her heart skipped a beat at the mention of Phi-ton’s name, and a dread started to grow in the pit of her stomach. “I am fine. Yes, I know him. We have had some, umm, dealings, so to speak. What is this all about, Aristocra?”

Seganu’s voice took on a more foreboding tone, “Well, there is evidently a contract out on this Phi-ton. A well placed sniper, a single shot, does not bode well for your friend. It seems that someone wants you on Hoth. A devaronian by the name of Fentis Kel has delivered, via holo, the information on the bounty as well as this ultimatum for you. Be at the travel beacon on Highmount road by noon in four days and come alone or the ‘blue boy’ dies. Rather cryptic and menacing to say the least. Oddly I thought that only Chiss were referred to as ‘blue boys’, I stand corrected.

“Whoever this is knows your present location since they are so exacting on travel time and also knows about your connection to me since I was the contact. Only someone high up in the imperial echelon would be privy to such information.

“Anyway, we have no leads on the sniper and no leads on who is behind this although I have contacts working on it. Personally, I would prefer this ‘blue boy’ die and let the threat be over. However, if you feel compelled to comply, do be careful. This reeks of a trap, agent. I just hope you are close enough to make the jump in the allotted time or your friend may not see the fifth sunrise. Remember, they are using Hoth time so take that into account. Do take care. Seganu out.”

She felt like she was trudging through mud as she made her way to the cockpit. It was taking too long, too long. Her hands shook as she entered her personal nav lock code and code for the Hoth hyperspace beacon and hit the jump button. She watched as the stars went from specks to streams of light as the Phantom burst into hyperspace. She set her chrono to Hoth time.

“Please don’t let me be too late, please keep him safe”, she prayed and didn’t even know who she was praying to.

Vector strode into the cockpit like a man possessed. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to face him. He had never handled her this roughly before, he wanted to shake her but restrained himself. “Where are we going? And why, Rey’elle? Answer us!”

She was so thin. The bones of her shoulders almost poked into his hands. He pulled her to him, “Please Rey’elle,. Let us in, let us help.”

She stiffened, “Don’t be so dramatic. This is imperial business, Vector. I have been summoned and I have to meet someone...important. The instructions are very exact. We are going to Hoth. When we arrive I will be taking a shuttle to the surface, alone. You knew what I was when you joined me, you cannot stand in the way of me fulfilling my obligations. Do not fight me on this, you will lose. Do not think to follow me either, they would know and that could be bad for both of us.”

Vector stepped back as if he had been slapped and looked down into her face, she was hiding something. She had never been so curt with him. But if it was indeed an imperial edict, he was duty bound not to interfere. Yet, there was something wrong about this. Why not Dromund Kaas? Why Hoth?

Rey’elle removed Vector’s hands from her shoulders and walked woodenly back to the meeting room where she sank into a chair. Vector followed at a distance but made no further attempt at contact. There was something more to this but he could do nothing until he had more information. He turned to walk to the engine room that Scorpio had commandeered as her personal quarters.

Her back was turned to the door as he entered, “Yes Vector. Do you require something?”

He expected her to turn around, she did not. “We need to see the last communication Ray’elle received, Scorpio. Can you do that?”

“I am already working on it. She is very good at what she does. This may take some time. Leave now and let me work.”

The next three and a half days were both too long and too short and if Kaliyo said ‘brrr, it’s cold in here’ or ‘hey I think I can see my breath’ one more time when he and Rey’elle were in the same room, Vector swore was going to wring her neck. He was usually very tolerant of Kaliyo, but his patience was drawing the short straw.

The ship he loved as home, their home, now felt derelict. He sometimes spoke with Lokin but mostly kept to himself. He communed with the nest for solace. He only touched Rey’elle at night when she fell exhausted into bed and he held her close, she hardly spoke to anyone and there were the dreams, always the dreams.

At last the ship dropped out of hyperspace in orbit around the stark, white planet of Hoth. A place he had once thought pure and beautiful was now barren and menacing. Raina was in the process of docking the ship in a hangar at the Adamas Space Port. Other than the comm chatter, the ship was deadly silent.

Rey’elle was in their cabin packing. She had hated to lie to Vector but he would have stopped her at any cost, even drugged her if he had to. She was finally starting to understand that there was something between her and Phi-ton so strong, so compelling that she would go to any lengths to save him. The thought of his dying was so unbearable she hurt down to her core. She did not love him, not like Vector, not in that sense, and if she made it out of this alive, she had to return to Voss. The urge to return to him was undeniable and she had to know why.

With a sigh, she shouldered the backpack, looked around their room and started out the door looking down at her chrono. Ten hours to spare, good jump.

Vector stood in the doorway, his shoulders slumped, “Please reconsider and at least take Scorpio with you,”

She looked up at him and placed her hand on the side of his face. “We have already had this conversation. I can’t. When orders are given, I must follow them to the letter. You know this. I will be back soon. I do love you.”

She pushed past him and strode through the ship’s hallway and down the exit ramp. She turned once to look at him before she headed to the shuttle to take her to whoever or whatever awaited on the frozen planet below.

Vector retreated back into the ship and headed to the meeting room and opened the intercom, “Scorpio, do you have that holo recording yet? Please tell us you have it and that it wasn’t deleted.”

The intercom light came on, “Just a little longer. I told you she is very good. Agent’s private channel lock should have been easier for me to break, but it is proving quite the challenge. If anything was deleted, there will be enough of an echo for me to reconstruct. Nothing ever truly disappears on the holonet. I will let you know when I have it. Do not interrupt me again. Note, the nav lock disengaged as soon as we arrived.”

It was getting close to noon, when the holo finally lit up with the recording and the image of Aristocra Seganu appeared. Kaliyo perked up, “Wow, he’s a looker.” Noting Vector’s face she shrugged, “Hey, I’ve had worse.”

Vector’s pulse quickened as the replay finished, his mind going to places he never wanted to imagine. “She is risking her life, she is risking us, she is risking it all, and for what? She lied to us. What hold does this Voss have on her? She is alone, we cannot protect her. Where is she now?

He switched on the intercom, ”Raina, come to the meeting room please. You have had dealings with the Chiss here and we require your assistance. Hurry.”

Raina Temple entered the meeting room and sat down in front of the small holo terminal on the meeting table, “So nice to finally be needed. Seganu, this is Raina Temple calling. Please answer. This is concerning your message to Cypher 9. Please respond.”

The chiss’ face appeared and flashed a smile, “Ah, ensign Temple, so good to see you again. So, this about my message to our favorite agent yes? How can I help you?”

“Seganu, this is Vector Hyluss. We have met before. Please tell us that Rey’elle made it safely to Dorn Base and that you know where she is. Any information would be most welcome.”

“Ah, yes, Mr. Hyluss.” Seganu’s smile dissipated. “The agent arrived safely and promptly headed to Leth outpost shortly before dawn. She should make it to the Highmount road beacon sometime just before noon. She has a good head start on you.”

Vector placed his hands on the table and leaned forward, “Please tell us you are having her followed.”

Seganu frowned, “Of course, however she is a clever one and she has disappeared from all surveillance. I do fear for her safety. I have already dispatched additional teams to find her, but so far, nothing, not even at the beacon. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything at all. I hope she finds shelter before nightfall. Seganu out.”

Everyone in the room jumped as Vectors fist slammed down on the table.

Kaliyo had reached automatically for her gun, “Dammit bug boy, stay out of my room if you are going to start destroying every piece of furniture on the ship. And I can’t believe she played the Imperial card or that you fell for it. So what’s the plan?”

“We wait."


Rey’elle was at the meeting point. She was crouched out of sight behind one of the huge pipes that fed heat and power to bases all over this area from the nearby geothermal plant. Seganu’s men were good, but she was better. A few miles back she had left the road, backtracked and then dropped below a huge drift until she saw them go by. She rode the speeder parallel to the road moving from drift to drift. She had ditched the speeder some distance back. Hoth was an ice ball, she left no tracks where she walked. She reached the beacon at fifteen 'til noon.

She was thankful that she had stopped long enough at Dorn Base to purchase the white, cold weather gear she now wore. It offered camouflage as well as warmth. Her chrono said it was five past noon and still nothing. She never heard the dart and only felt a slight sting on the back of her neck before the world faded and she felt herself falling.


Time passed with agonizing slowness. At last the ship’s holo fluttered to life. “Hello, are you there? This is Seganu with a message for Vector Hyluss.”

Vector leaned forward in his chair, “We are here”

“Vector, I just got a message from that Fentis Krel fellow. No video. All he said was ‘ This message is for Vector Hyluss, we have her. Bring the Voss to Hoth, be at the Highmount road beacon in three and a half days or she dies, slowly. The two of you come alone.’ That was all he said. I fear she is in more danger than we know. Whoever orchestrated this is playing a sick game and she is the toy. I fear what she may suffer before this is over. I continue to search. Seganu out.”

Kaliyo’s voice seemed to come from a great distance. “Vector, snap out of it. Vector what do we do now?”

He struggled to break through the fog in his brain, no time to shut down, no time to waste. He shook his head and stood up. “This is not much of a plan, but it is all we have. Kaliyo, Scorpio we need you to go to Hoth and find Seganu. Raina has coordinates for his base. We expect you two to rescue her if possible or at least keep tabs on her whereabouts should she be found. Scorpio you need to monitor communications, if anyone can find a hidden signal or anomaly it is you and you are good in a fight. See if there are any clues to the identity of her abductor. Raina and Lokin with us. We need to pick up a Voss and we have precious little time.”

“You are really leaving?” Kaliyo’s face had a look of disbelief. “What if this is a trick? Don’t you want to just find her, kill things and bring her back?”

He exhaled slowly, “More than you can know Kaliyo. But Phi-ton was a set target, and the message for us left little to interpretation. This is personal against Rey’elle. The instructions are very specific. Phi-ton and I have a part to play. We will not take the chance of calling a bluff that will likely get her killed. Thirty six hours there, thirty six back, expect us in 3 days. You all know what to do.”

He turned away from the crew and headed for the cockpit. Once Kaliyo and Scorpio had disembarked, he eased the Phantom out of the hanger and punched in the nav code for Voss. A planet he never wished to see again but held his life in it’s gravity none the less.

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06.24.2016 , 09:32 AM | #12
The suspense is killing me!! Can't wait for more!

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06.24.2016 , 01:05 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by De-mu-noki View Post
This is great! While admittedly it is noticeable that you aren't that much of an experienced writer (though I can't pin down why it is noticeable) your texts are nicely long, you chose a great plot point and your characters are well written
Keep it up!
Thank you for the very kind critique. I think part of the issue is that have I have written poetry for years. It is hard to expand an idea into paragraphs when I am so used to putting a lot of imagery or emotion into a very confined space. Dialogue is troublesome, so is direction sometimes. Please continue to let me know what you think, good or bad, it is part of growth.

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06.24.2016 , 03:10 PM | #14
Oh, very exciting! I loved the suspense. I'm really enjoying this take charge side to Vector. Keep it up, I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next. ^^
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omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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06.25.2016 , 12:50 AM | #15
Hopping back and forth between the ship and Hoth, hope I did it right. 36 hours between beginning and end. And why Hoth? It seems everything is best served cold.

Scene V

“Wake up Cipher. Time to wake up now.”

That voice, she knew that voice. Why did her head feel like she had just been butted by an angry reek. Why was her mouth so dry and why was she so damned cold.

“Wake up Cipher. Open your eyes. It will hurt but just for a little while. Wake up….Now!”

Rey’elle’s eyes fluttered open and she thought that the light would crack her skull. She immediately started to shut down again.

“Oh no you don’t. Stay awake. Open your eyes slowly, let them adjust, but lay still. They can’t know that you have come around yet.”

“Watcher X, is that really you?” she murmured.

“Shh, I am in your head. No need to speak.”

“Not thinking too straight yet. How are you here?”

“Spinal implants, remember? I was just hibernating but now you need me again. Aren’t you so very pleased?”

“Yeah, just what I needed. Voss dreams sending my life on a downward spiral and now a crazy ex watcher. Must be my lucky day.”

“No need to be insulting. How are the eyes?”

“Better. Can see shapes now and some sort of entrance. Bright light still hurts. Are those bars? Am I in some sort of cage? Hoth right? Yes, Hoth. Doesn’t hurt so much to think now.”

“Is she awake yet?” came a deep voice from across the room.

“He sounds imperial maybe sith. Hard to tell. Do I know him?”

“Not yet, my Lord, I may have miscalculated her weight,” someone answered.

“Hmm, my lord. Definitely sith. This just keeps getting better.”

She heard the impatience in the voice, “Well wake her up then. It has been hours. It will be night soon. I really want to see the look on her face.”

She heard the second voice speak almost hesitantly, “Water should do the trick. A bucket full, if it don’t freeze before I get it over there.”

A tinge of anger in the first voice, “You idiot. I don’t want her to freeze to death. I need her alive. I would miss all the fun if she were to die now. Oh my, I almost forgot about the device. How silly of me. Compliance and utility, such a handy tool. Ah, yes I sense….”

Her body convulsed uncontrollably. She tried to scream but couldn’t even manage a squeak. The pain could not be described. Thousands of tiny insects crawled along every nerve, biting and stinging as they went. She struggled to breathe and if she had ingested anything she would have been sick. It stopped as suddenly as it began.

He spoke almost cordially, “Are you awake yet, my dear? Please answer before I use this again, I really do not have much patience.”

“Y_yes,” she croaked.

The voice was thick as syrup, “Speak up, I can’t hear you.”

She clenched her teeth, “Yes, awake, what do you want?”

Her body convulsed again. Her vision swam and she felt like her spine would crack. It was over much quicker this time.

The clack of boot heels indicated he was pacing, “Tsk, tsk. Such attitude. I will ask the questions here, never forget who is in control. Oh, but where are my manners. You must be thirsty. Fentis, fetch Cipher 9 some water if you would.”

"He knows me, how?"

A small canteen was thrown through the bars of the cage. She managed to sit up and take a few sips hoping it was neither drugged or poisoned. Her body convulsed for the third time and she vomited the water back up again.

He chuckled, “Like I said, control. I think I have made my point. So good to see you again. I have some communications to attend to, enjoy the respite while it lasts.”

“Well, that was damned annoying and painful. Seems I have a slave collar on. You still there Watcher?”

“Yes Cipher. Just hope that collar doesn’t fry those implants. You will be truly alone if that happens. Do the exercise, scan the room, look for observation devices. Evaluate your prison, look for any weaknesses. Do you possess anything that can be used as a tool or weapon. How many people are in this room, could you disarm any of them? Are there any tricks to play that can get the collar removed. Can you survive the torture better than the elements? Rest now and preserve your strength, you will need it for what’s to come.”

It was almost too cold to rest. They had removed her outer coat and left only the thermal lining, which would hold in what little body heat she produced, but barely.. It would keep her from freezing to death, but she would be far from comfortable. Her hands were already numb even though they had left the thin thermal linings of the gloves. She would be lucky if she didn’t get frostbite or worse. After a time, her eyelids started to droop.

She did not know how long she dozed, it could not have been for long, but the dream had started, when the voice in her head interrupted.

“Cipher. You were dreaming. Such erotic imagery, if I may say so. Who is the blue striped man? Oh, your captor is returning.”

Rey’elle heard the rustling of robes on the floor but he still stood back from the cage, “Well, Cipher 9. This day almost gone and where is your savior? Did he not get the message? Perhaps he is running late or we have you too well hidden. Perhaps he is not coming at all. Perhaps he is already dead. Ah, yes, some food. I hope dried tauntaun is alright. It is rather banal for my taste but should put some color back into those cheeks of yours. Were you able to keep some water down this time? A touchy stomach can be such a problem. Fentis, some repast for our guest, perhaps a little candlelight to set the mood?”

Suddenly her cell was awash with bright white light. She was blinded. She tried to shield her eyes with her hands.

“I will be leaving for the night. Hoth is so inhospitable after dark. Fentis throw her one of those vermin ridden bantha robes, I do want to be a proper host. Don’t forget, we have brunch plans tomorrow. Oh, and Fentis, I do not want her touched if you get my meaning. Good night Cipher, don’t let the bugs bite.”

His laughter was low and cruel. She heard the squeak of the cage door and something heavy was thrown atop her. It smelled musty and old, but it should be warm. The door creaked shut and the lock clicked into place. She searched around until she found the piece of tauntaun. It was salty and stringy but would keep her alive. She heard the taunting laughter of the guards. Then she heard blast doors close in the distance. A bunker of some sort.

“What is that old saying Watcher? She who laughs last….”

“Eat what you can Cipher and drink. The body is the best place to store moisture. Turn your face from the light and sleep if you can. Don’t dream, it drains you. One day down, how many more to go? You must survive. But, will he come for you in time? I wonder.”

“He will always come for me and he will kill them all.”


Vector paced back and forth in the cockpit watching the crono. He could swear that time was not moving at all. He hoped that one day someone would be brilliant enough to create instant travel between points in space. His mind raced back to her. She was still alive, he would know if she was dead, he would know. She had lied, never before had she spoken an untruth to him. Perhaps hidden things, but never right out...he started pacing again.

Raina looked up at him from her seat by the nav computer, “Vector, you are going to wear holes in the deck.”

He gazed down at her, “Then there will be holes. Standing still is worse.” He glanced back at the crono. He could swear that time was laughing at him.


“Cipher, he is back. Prepare yourself."

Rey’elle rolled out from the center of the bantha hide she had doubled over to give her something to lay on as well as something to cover herself with. Thankfully the spotlight had been turned off. She was exhausted from the dreams as if she had not slept at all. It was so cold she shivered. Any body fat she had in reserve had long since melted away which made her feel that much colder. She could swear she felt things crawling through her hair. The blast doors were open, she could see light. It must be late morning.

She looked up to see a robed and hooded figure standing closer to the cage. He still wanted to stay hidden. Why? What difference did it make now?

His tone was almost friendly, “Ah, my dear Cipher so glad to see you awake. Your night was pleasant? Were you comfortable? Warm? I assume you will need to use a refresher soon, yes? There is one here in the bunker, or should I just shove a bucket in there with you? Decisions, decisions. What, nothing to say? Should I give you some motivation?”, he raised the shock control. “But no, refresher first, shock later. Wouldn’t want to make a mess now would we?

“Fentis, come here and escort our guest to the refresher. Take two armed guards and if she makes a wrong move, shoot her in the leg, I don’t care which one, you choose. Oh, and leave the door open, wouldn’t want her to try and hurt herself now would we? I do worry for your safety, my dear girl.”

“What the hell did you do to this guy Cipher? He is not only trying to break you, but humiliate you too. Play his game, act cowed and wait your chance. He is having too much fun now to do anything drastic.”

“Like what, shoot me in the leg and show my naked arse to a bunch of goons? I can handle it, Watcher. It will take more than this to break me. But his voice is so familiar, he keeps his face hidden, why?”

The trip to the refresher was without incident, except for some leering eyes, well let them look. Nearing the cage on the return trip, Fentis pushed her so hard she lost her footing and then he tripped her. She fell face first into the bars and then to the ground dazed. Her body spasmed, snapping her head back onto the floor so hard she saw stars. The sizzle and snap of the collar loud in her ears, nerves on fire, she just lay there, unable to move when it stopped. Fentis took her by one arm and twisted then pulled so hard she heard her shoulder snap and she shrieked. He then threw her back inside the cage. She rolled to a stop by the bantha hide.

The hooded figure spoke in a mocking tone. “Well, that was clumsy of you Cipher. You should be more careful or you will surely hurt yourself. I will leave you alone for a short time, but don’t worry I’ll be back. I wouldn’t want you to get lonely.”

Rey’elle lay there stunned for what seemed like hours. Her face hurt and when she tried to lift her right hand to touch it, she cried out as a crushing pain rolled across her shoulder and down her arm. She used her left arm and hand to push herself up to a sitting position, her right arm was useless. She felt her face with her left hand, her right eye was already puffing up and her cheekbone was tender to the touch. She considered herself lucky that the fall had not broken her nose. She touched the back of her head and she had a nice bump, but no blood.

She looked around for the small canteen and finally spied it outside the cage, sitting just out of reach.

“No water today then. So be it.”

“Watcher, I think I might I know him. Some sith from my past. It is not clear exactly, but he is definitely someone I know.”

“Cipher, don’t let him even think that you recognize him. He will hurt you more, it is his game after all. Play along for now. He will reveal it all before he is through with you.”

“Vector, I am here, find me please. Find me soon.”

She pushed herself up onto her knees and using her one good arm, she crawled onto the bantha hide to wait.


Vector stood in the cockpit. Watching the swirl of hyperspace rush past the window. His face was unreadable.

Raina wrinkled her nose at him. “Vector, you really need some rest and a bath. For my sake, if not for yours. I will let you know if anything happens.”

Lokin’s voice came from behind him, “You are becoming a bit ripe my boy. And given my proclivities, it must be getting bad if even I notice. And you need rest. Whatever you need to do, get some sleep. You are no good for anyone this way.”

Vector inclined his head slightly to both of them and headed to the refresher. If the sonic could just remove all his fears as well as it scrubbed his body, he might consider it a miracle invention. He stepped out of the sonic and started to dress.

He had removed several items of clothing from his and Rey’elle’s cabin right before he left for Voss. Then he had closed the door and not dared to enter since. He feared the memories would break him and he had no time to be broken.

He grabbed a blanket out of the crew quarters and headed to the cargo bay. There he opened his mind to the nest. They consoled him, quieted him and finally he lay down and let the song of the universe sing him into a deep but fitful sleep.


Rey’elle must have dozed off. A metallic dragging sound woke her in the middle of the dream. She glanced up and saw the robed and hooded figure sitting before her cage.

He leaned forward in the chair as if to get a closer look. ”My apologies for not returning sooner, I know how much you love my company. There is always something to attend to. A busy man never rests. Oh, but I did have such a wonderful lunch. Bantha steak covered with a delectable rodian pepper sauce. You should have been there.

“But, I know how much you must enjoy your free time. One can think so much better without distraction. And imagination is such a wonderful thing. What can you imagine, Cipher? I can imagine such wonderful things where you are concerned. It almost makes me giddy with anticipation.

“What, no reply? You do have my permission to speak now. Huh, still nothing? Perhaps I can entice you to find your voice.”

Rey’elle’s body jerked, her eyes rolled back as she hit her head on the rear bars of the cage. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. She sat there panting when it was over, her shoulder was on fire. She felt something warm trickle down the back of her neck.

The robed figure shook the controller, “Hmmm. Still nothing, I wonder if this thing is defective somehow. Well never mind, we still have time. Not much though. Fentis, I need you to remove Cipher’s boots. I do worry after her tripping accident yesterday. Leave the socks though. If I want her to lose her feet, I will remove them myself. Don’t worry about being gentle.”

Reyelle watched as the door was unlocked and the huge devaronian walked into the cage. She tried to back up but there was no where to go. Fentis reached down for one of her legs and she kicked out with her left foot barely grazing his chin. He smiled and rubbed his chin and seized her left ankle in a grip like Mandalorian Iron and twisted so hard that she heard her knee pop as cartilage tore and separated and her knee cap shifted. She screamed.

She kicked out with her right leg and barely saw the fist coming toward her in time for her to turn her head. She rocked backward and hit the bars again with the back of her head. She was so dazed she couldn’t move. She could feel her lips swelling and someone tugging on her feet.

She screamed again as her left boot was removed. Her vision swirled, she was all pain. She just sat there trying to clear her head and not move. Fentis kicked her leg as he got up to leave, she cried out and felt tears start to freeze on her face.

The laughter wafted to her, low and malicious, “Now there is the voice I wanted to hear. Absolutely beautiful. You have missed your calling, Cipher, you should have been a singer. Oh, goodness, do look at the time. I really have enjoyed the entertainment, but duty calls. Fentis, give her some water and food. But cut the food ration in half. I do believe she has gained a few pounds since yesterday and we simply cannot let her get fat, now can we? Pleasant dreams, Cipher. Until tomorrow, then. And Fentis, lest you forget, no touching. Oh, and do remember to turn on the light. I believe Cipher is afraid of the dark.”

She heard the chair squeak and then the swishing of robes as he walked away. She heard the canteen hit the floor somewhere near but she could not move to reach it. She heard the faint scratching sound of the dried tauntaun slide across the floor but didn’t care.

“Watcher? I don’t know if I will live through this. He is tearing my body apart by pieces, what do I do?”

“You survive, Cipher. If not for yourself, then for him. I can only keep you sane, you must do the rest. Night will be here soon, and over before you know it. Get some sleep if you can.”


The intercom burst to life with Raina’s voice. “We are almost there Vector. Wake up, only an hour now to Voss.”

He stood up slowly and stretched. He had to change into his armor before landing. He might need it before this day was through. He hoped not, and hoped so at the same time.

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06.25.2016 , 02:12 AM | #16
Poor Cypher, that's truly awful what's happening to her. And Vector (I adore him so much.)

Getting curious as to who this horrible Sith is. It's funny,the mystery Sith's voice, sounds to me exactly like Lord Draahg from the SW story for some reason.

Which is funny, the VA who plays Draahg also does Watcher X...just an interesting tidbit, they still sound unique (you nailed watcher X perfectly), but for whatever reason, in my mind that's the voice that was attached to your mystery man.

Keep it up! I'm loving what's happening and curious about what's next! ^^
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omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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Quote: Originally Posted by Lunafox View Post
Poor Cypher, that's truly awful what's happening to her. And Vector (I adore him so much.)

Getting curious as to who this horrible Sith is. It's funny,the mystery Sith's voice, sounds to me exactly like Lord Draahg from the SW story for some reason.

Which is funny, the VA who plays Draahg also does Watcher X...just an interesting tidbit, they still sound unique (you nailed watcher X perfectly), but for whatever reason, in my mind that's the voice that was attached to your mystery man.

Keep it up! I'm loving what's happening and curious about what's next! ^^
Thanks Luna. Watcher X is probably one of my all time favorite NPCs. His voice was calm, measured, dispassionate, calculated, even soothing. Yet I always thought that there were sharks swimming about under that smooth surface, always searching for prey and waiting to go into a killing frenzy. Thanks for the tidbit about the VA also.

As for Vector, I am pleased that you enjoy the liberties I have taken with his persona.

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Hope you enjoy this chapter. There are some steamier scenes but again, nothing too graphic.

Scene VI

It was the dream again and Phi-ton reached for her. He felt the silk of her skin, he tasted her lips he could see and feel his essence envelope and permeate every inch of her and like a replay of every dream before he saw the flames rise from her very being. They rose higher and engulfed both of them with a blaze so hot his blood boiled in his veins. He burned and he wanted to burn forever with her, in her, around her. The rumble pounded in his chest, in his temples and he heard it all like an avalanche in the mountains. But this was wrong, something was wrong, the sound was all wrong. Where was that coming from? What was that voice? It was not her voice, it was too deep. The dream was ending too soon and his eyes opened to a world as empty as his life.

“Phi-ton open this damned door before we break it down. Today, we are Dawn Herald and little else and you have put all that we hold dear in danger.”

Phi-ton wiped the sleep from his eyes, “Yes, Nal-cha, hold on, I am awake now and opening the door for you.”

Pulling on his trousers, Phi-ton walked calmly to the door and opened it to look down into the smoldering black depths of Vector Hyluss’ eyes.

Vector’s hand shot up to encircle Phi-ton’s neck and forced him back into the room.

“You defiled her, drugged her, poisoned her and you have the nerve to also insult us with one of your Voss profanities?”

Phi-ton’s arms swept upwards and broke Vector’s grip on his neck. “I was a commando, do not forget I know how to fight. And Nal-cha simply means black eyes in the Voss language. Truth can never be an insult. What is this danger that you speak of, I would know. Where is Rey’elle?”

“She is on Hoth,” said an aging, balding, grey haired man, who stood slightly behind Vector. “We know that she has been taken. We do not know by who or why. There is much to discuss and using fisticuffs as the main discourse seems neither efficient nor productive.”

“Gather your belongs Phi-ton,” Vector practically spat his name at him. “You are leaving Voss with us and all the deities in the universe cannot help someone who tries to stop us.”

“I must get clearance from the Three to leave this place. It is not done, it has never been done except once with one known as the Bar’senthor. But Rey’ellle is my wife and I will find a way.”

Vector bristled at his emphasis on the word my, as if she were property. “See that you do. Get dressed. We will accompany you. Somewhere a sniper lurks and she has sacrificed herself to save your miserable life. We would protect you as her fate rests with both of us returning to Hoth. Oh, and do not let the good doctor’s age fool you, he is far more dangerous than you know.”

Phi-ton pulled on his shirt and boots. “I hope my safety is important to you, for after we rescue her, if I die, she will never be whole and that is something neither of us wants.”

“We can discuss this on the ship. Let’s not waste time with empty words. Now move.” Vector turned on his heel, strode down the steps and out of the tea house with Lokin flanking him and Phi-ton.

The three were not easily convinced but finally, after much deliberation, agreed to let Phi-ton leave Voss to intervene as protector of his wife. She was Voss, if only in name, and had left the planet some months ago. They found no cause to keep the husband bound from travel since she was his family and honor dictates that family should be protected at any cost except the security of Voss. The only caveat was that he must return to Voss because the fewer that encountered his race the better.

There was no sign of the sniper or any attempt made on Phi-ton’s life as they headed back to the tea house where Phi-ton packed his belongings. They made their way to the shuttle pad to return to the Space Station, again without incident.

Vector turned his head to look at Phi-ton as they walked to the hanger, “They have what they want and recalled the bounty. This is possibly a good sign for Rey’elle but we still fear for her life. Know this, Phi-ton, if she dies, so do you.”

“It would be a blessing Nal-cha. We must speak soon so that you fully understand.” Phi-ton replied as they entered the Phantom.

Vector glanced over his shoulder, “It is a thirty six hour trip back to Hoth so we will have plenty of time. Raina has been monitoring channels around the clock and has heard nothing so far from any of our contacts on Hoth. We...I would never have left, but our hand was forced. We have the feeling that both of us are very important to how this tragedy plays out. Follow me, you can stow your gear in the crew quarters and then we talk. Hopefully you have something worthwhile to say.”

“Hoth beacon locked in, Vector, prepare for jump. We are going to cut this close. We have wasted time here. And if Dr. Lokin can spell me for a bit monitoring the channels, I could really use some sleep.” Raina called from the cockpit.

Vector walked into the meeting room with Phi-ton trailing. He lowered himself into a chair, and motioned to a chair across the table for Phi-ton to use. “Alright, Phi-ton, let’s hear it. Make us understand this hold you have on Rey’elle and this life or death bond that you share. It needs to be convincing.”

Phi-ton sank slowly into the seat and exhaled deeply. “You outsiders know nothing of Voss. Beyond tales of Mystic fortune tellers who see the future and are never wrong, you know nothing of our customs or rituals. Perhaps the Mystic’s foresight can be exploited or used, but nothing else has meaning or value. What did you think the marriage ceremony was all about? Did you think that sex with a Voss was just like sex with any other race or species? Seduction must be part of an agent's arsenal and curiosity can be a dangerous thing. Did you and she think that to marry a Voss, out of necessity, I might add, and then to bed a Voss would yield no consequences?

“You know how our healers heal. You have seen it. They syphon energy from other beings and hold this energy inside themselves to then dispense to the sick or wounded. Did you ever stop to think on this ritual in depth? It is the foundation of Ardor although healers are merely a vessel to hold and then channel the energy. They leave no residue of themselves behind.

“The rite of Ardor releases all of our suppressed passions. All of the pent up energies suppressed, sometimes, for years. When Voss make love as you call it or partake of Ardor, as we call it, it creates a bond. We Voss essentially split during this rite. We are neither pure form nor pure energy. Our energy disperses around us and we enter each other as physical beings and also particles of what we are. There is a primal noise we create during this time, a sort of hum or rumble that also takes form as pure vibration. It comes from the very depths of our being. It also enters and caresses, surrounds and titillates and is the center of our pleasure.

“Do you understand that I am in her blood as she is in mine? These minute traces of ourselves that we leave behind in each other go down to the cellular level. The dreams and cravings are enough to drive us mad with desire and longing. It is the two halves of ourselves calling out to each other, needing to be reunited.

“I thought she would decline the Ardor after the wedding and when she agreed I could not say no, because I already loved her. I had loved her from the moment she entered the tea house and desired her beyond reason. We are part of the very fiber of each other and I would not trade that night with her for any riches or status or even life itself.

“You see, Nal-cha, she loves you like no other, but she craves me, she is driven back to me always. It is as basic a need as air, food or water. It is why she will forever be compelled to return to Voss and to me. These traces or particles of myself that are now in her cannot be denied any more than I can deny the particles of her that are in me. We must partake of Ardor and each other for the rest of our lives. To deny this would mean to wither and die over time.”

Vector sat for a long while, his eyes closed and fingers steepled under his chin. His struggle for self control almost a visible thing. Slowly his eyelids raised and his black, unreadable gaze locked with the orange, multi-faceted eyes staring back at him. He gripped the edge of the table like a vice.

“You selfish bastard. You knew and never warned her. You wanted to possess her, own her. We…..I could not do such a thing to her. She offered to become a joiner for us. We could never have asked that she expose herself to the pheromones. We love her for who she is. She never needed to change for us. You made her a joiner, for lack of a better term, without her knowledge or consent. Did you even know that she was already suffering? She was so thin, couldn’t sleep, barely ate and she was too ashamed to tell us of her need. We don’t think she even fully realized what was happening. Were you just going to let her fade away? Were you going to contact her at all before it was too late? And if you call us Nal-cha one more time we are going to strike you, very hard. The name is Vector, we are a warrior born of the Chrysalis and it might do us good to see you bleed.”

Phi-ton never flinched under the weight of Vector’s indictment, “She left so soon after the marriage that I did not even know if she had been affected. I only knew for sure when I felt the dreams had started for her. They are always the first sign. There is usually some time before the other symptoms manifest. I just did not know how far it had progressed. I had already started the communication thinking that I had time to write it correctly. I didn’t realize that humans might have a lesser tolerance or feel the full effects sooner. Voss had never mingled with outsiders in that way before. I would never, knowingly, let her suffer so.”

Phi-ton dropped his gaze, “ By the Mystics, what have I done. I do love her, Nal..., Vector. We must save her.”

“You had better pray that we do,” and Vector stormed out of the room.

Continued Next Post

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Lovely chapter! You've managed to capture the Voss perfectly (as far as I'm concerned), because I truly and deeply despise Phi-ton...but that could also be in part to how firmly in Vector's camp I've always been. Like Vector, every time Phi-ton called him Nal-cha he'd just vex me more. I've always seen the Voss as extremely arrogant (and despite their size a tad useless), but this could also be my bias. And you do have a very alluring Vector here. I'm really enjoying him. Either way, you've managed to elicite a response from me, so that's marvelous Keep it up!
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omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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I agree with everything Lunafox said, I never liked the Voss, and am totally crazy for Vector. There has to be a way for our Agent to be cured of what marrying Phi-ton has done to her!!!!

Loving this story, but it's hard to be patient waiting for each chapter.....can you write a little faster? LOL just kidding....sort of:P