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A gripe about the gearing system.

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A gripe about the gearing system.


10.24.2019 , 04:02 PM | #1
So, I'm not usually the type to come here and post on the forums, or really make an issue of things. That said, aside from all of the faults, errors, or other problems that I'm sure many have brought up already, I have a very specific complaint pertaining to the old set bonuses.

They were kept in place, but upon reaching level 75, they are deactivated. The mindset behind this has been stated, more or less, to push players into getting new gear and experimenting. I can understand this entirely, but it's a problem. Not only were the old sets preferable, in some cases, to the new ones, but deactivating them for max level characters is in direct contradiction to the whole idea of 'play however you want' gimmick.

It's a small complaint, really, but out of all of everything I think this one bothers me the most, and it's a crucial thing to just take away. It takes away the ability to use some of the very nice bonuses for the older sets (like Force-Master's, as an example), and generally seems to contradict the whole idea of 'play how you want'. Removing them would have made more sense then deactivating them. Set bonuses don't -matter- until the End-Game, anyway. So, it'd be nice to see this changed in a future update, and I'd like to hear what others have to say about this. I get the impression, as is the usual, it'll be a mixed opinion.

On that note, as an aside, does anyone else think that the old commendation system actually was a better model for 'play however you want' given it let you choose the stats you wanted through the mod vendors without the randomization of the current vendors and reknown system?

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10.29.2019 , 04:08 AM | #2
I understand what you want to say, yet the new concept of gearing really required this. Look at the system now, we have a LOT of set bonuses from which none are top or lowest (well, some are useless, but none is top) and people can swap them and use them based on their preffered play style. This introduces a huge amount of randomisation and lets you play the game in a completely different way.

I am fine with old bonuses gone as they wouldnt fit into this system anyway, they are too specific, the new set bonuses are not.
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11.05.2019 , 03:30 AM | #3
That's definitely a fair point, and I see what you mean. That said, I don't think that's true. Having done a little bit of gearing, and giving the new set bonuses a chance, the old ones would have fit in just fine. They boosted specific Class abilities and were, as you'd expect, tailored accordingly. Let me give you an example.

The old Force Master's Set, as an example, gave a 2% increase to damage after a use of force leech, and increased the charges of Recklessness by one. It also decreases the cooldown of Polarity Shift by 15 seconds. Very good and helpful to the class, and very in line with the utility based set bonuses we see now.

Let's compare it to, for the sake of an example, the new Sorcerer Set Bonus Oncoming Storm. This set gives a plus 2% to mastery (admittedly a bit less specific), makes it so force speed increases the damage of force attacks, and makes it so force speed reduces the cooldown of polarity shift by 10 seconds.

Frankly, they're not all that different, and we do see some variations. But those variations would fit in -incredibly- well with the current system they're using. Not too O.P., not really any more specific than one of the newer set bonuses, and utility based more than brute force based. And, to my recollection, the other older class set bonuses were much the same. Also, given they kept it in the game, and simply made it unplayable for level 75's, it comes across as redundant.

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11.05.2019 , 06:44 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by TJTJTJTJTJ View Post
generally seems to contradict the whole idea of 'play how you want'
Whether you call it "play how you want" or "play your way", I've had a feeling for a while that Henry Ford's famous line is appropriate: "A customer can have a car painted any colour he wants as long as it's black."
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