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Trying to refamiliarize, anyone have a moment?

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Trying to refamiliarize, anyone have a moment?

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11.15.2019 , 09:21 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Akharus View Post
Hi all, just resubbed. Last time I played, the pvp dogfights with fighters was not even a thing and I believe the level cap was still 50 and I was waiting for new content to drop, lol.

So... uhm, a lot has changed.

I was queued with my friend for some WZs, and I noticed they were all little 5 man death matches. What the heck? I remember all these cool warzones.... <---- these ones! I loved those!

Where are they? Am I just getting REALLY unlucky with warzone pops or am I doing something wrong?

I'd also be happy if someone told me what the ranked matches are and how the star fighter thing works. I tried to google but there's surprisingly little up to date information about the game out there.

This is a set up post and most of u all bit. Garbarge is garbage.. if you cannot pvp in
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