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<Elders of the Republic> Guild for Older Players

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<Elders of the Republic> Guild for Older Players

Kurvah's Avatar

Yesterday , 04:00 PM | #81
Hi Nickodemous & Croixxxx
Sorry for the late reply. I sent Croixxxx a direct message on this website & I sent Clandestu an in-game eMail.

This link is to our Recruiting flyer which also talks about how to get your characters into the guild.

aviand's Avatar

Today , 12:27 AM | #82
I am a 47-year-old returning player to a dead friend created guild and I am looking for a guild to learn operations and hard content. I have two main characters I play Tynaltha on Imp side and Terlaina on republic side.

Tigz's Avatar

Today , 06:03 AM | #83
small note: members stretch across time zones, mostly PST but some EST and I know of at least one in AST.
"Being an Elder just keeps getting better..."