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A question about skipping storyline

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A question about skipping storyline

Lezarg's Avatar

10.13.2020 , 10:47 AM | #1
I just finished the inquisitor storyline as assassin...

I wanna make a sorcerer but not wanna do the main storyline again. Can I do that?

JediQuaker's Avatar

10.13.2020 , 10:56 AM | #2
Yes. As a subscriber you should have a free 'boost' token that allows you to create a level 60 or 65(70?) character which jumps directly to KOTFE or wherever. (I'm not sure on the details, but the info is easy to find.)

There's also the "Master's Datacron" that allows you to boost a character to level 70 but doesn't skip anything.
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Lezarg's Avatar

10.13.2020 , 11:00 AM | #3
thank you.

ceryxp's Avatar

10.13.2020 , 11:34 AM | #4
Adding detail about the start at 60/70 token.

The Commander's Character Token allows you to start at either level 60 at the beginning of Knights of the Fallen Empire, or at level 70 with Jedi Under Siege (which skips all of Fallen Empire, Eternal Throne, and the Traitor arc). In either case you do this at character creation. The top option two options when starting a new character require and use a Commander's Character Token and the bottom is for normal, start at level 1, character creation. Both options, starting at level 60 or 70, will auto-complete the entire class story (but you will not receive credit for anything, for example, you will not receive the titles that are awarded during game play), the complete Shadow of Revan story (prelude flashpoints, Rishi, Yavin, and epilogue on Ziost), and all companion conversations.

Because the start at 70 option skips over Fallen Empire and Eternal Throne (FE/ET), and the Traitor arc some choices are presumed that generally fall along faction lines, but there are a few that are class dependent. Basically, if you start at level 70 with an Imperial character it is assumed that you chose almost all dark side options during FE/ET and the Traitor arc. If you start at 60 and play through everything then you will get to make those choices.

Regardless of which you do neither one locks you out of playing the planetary story arcs, Ilum, Makeb, or Oricon.
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mike_carton's Avatar

10.17.2020 , 10:58 PM | #5
You can do the first two planets to get the starship and to over-level a bit. Then you can just do the Heroics and FPs to level up, get gear, and gain credits. You can reach 75 and move on to endgame without ever finishing Balmorra or Nar Shaddaa.
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