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Crafting 6.0 PVE & PVP

Bjond-Sain's Avatar

11.07.2019 , 08:51 PM | #1
Returning (3 year gap) and trying to make plans for my rather large herd of characters (culled down to 29 from 64 when I first logged back in .. wth was I doing with them!?). Here are some things I've learned, guessed, or assumed along with a few questions. Hopefully y'all can help correct any misapprehensions and provide feedback.

It looks like reusable meds are back. Crafting costs have gone hyperbolic and are leaving the system. On the dark side, FP-grinding seems to be moderately fast and providing better gear than crafted. So, what can crafting do that farming doesn't do better and faster? Here's what I have so far:

  • Reusable Meds .. Biochem (only source)
  • Augment kits .. Arms, Armor, Synth (only source)
  • Augments .. Arms, Armor, Synth (only source?)

Seems like Cybertech and Artifice can be punted completely due to being replaced by farming.

PVP v PVE: my recollection is that the PVE meds (stim, adrenal, & medpac/unit) do not work in PVP? Is that correct? The Warzone adrenal & medpac say they can't be used in PVE, but the others don't have any PVE-only comments.

BIOC "required" for PVE? Given the prohibitive cost of consumable crafted PVE meds in 6.0, I'm thinking every PVE character needs 700 biochem to use the reusable meds. This really isn't such a bad thing for me; I can make my non-BIOC crafters PVP-only and swap biochem for a gather skill on my triple gatherers.