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My Monumental Data Crystals on few toons just disappeared!

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My Monumental Data Crystals on few toons just disappeared!

Rouslaan's Avatar

06.27.2019 , 03:32 AM | #1
I've started farming crystals by 2 more toons last week.
On the last week I've killed Mutated Geonosian Queen in Veteran mode by those 2 toons and finished the weekly, got 1 Monumental Data Crystal for each, and on this week was going to get 2nd to buy 258 mainhand or offhand.
I saw that I have 1 Monumental Data Crystal on those toons, I checked it several times.
But on this week I've found out that the crystals just has disappeared!
I wrote ticket #33938093 but they replied that "we were not able to locate/verify the source of the Monumental Data Crystal and none were found as well".
They also said that did find 1 crystal on the other character, but it was newly got crystal from this week, and this toon should've already have 2 crystals.
I wrote another ticket #33938491 where noted approximate time of killing the Queen in Veteran mode but they said that "We also Investigated more regarding killing "Mutated Geonosian Queen" and according to the logs we were not able to validate that either, sorry we wont be able to validate your claim.".
Was it a dream that I killed the Queen in vet, did have the crystal, did have the lockout for the Hive in Vet mode, and now they don't see it?
I suspect that the support is doing their job carelessly, just replying standard stamps without checking anything and this is really frustrating.

Rouslaan's Avatar

06.27.2019 , 01:39 PM | #2
Ok, on 3d ticket they gave up and sent me my crystals by mail.
I've opened discord logs and provided them more precise timestamp of killing the Queen and finishing the weekly, guess it's helped.