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Returning player looking for a guild.

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Returning player looking for a guild.

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07.12.2018 , 01:06 AM | #1
Hi guys, so I've been away for a good while. Just came back as a preferred player, but realised I could get 7 days free by clicking someones referral link, so I now have 7 days free sub. Going to use those 7 days to work out if I want to subscribe again (I suspect I will)
I mainly like PVE and some RP have never really got into PVP.
I have finished the Warrior Story and all most finished the agent well i got him to 70 but only up to Hoth.
Have not touched the Inquisitor or Republic side so would be keen to see what its like on the other side.
After a guild that is more than people saying hi then its like i'm in single player mode .