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Gods HM Guides

GhOsTPrOz's Avatar

02.07.2019 , 10:47 AM | #1
Hi, so I have decided to make Gods HM guides mainly for my guild but also to help others. There are some really good guides out there for some of the fights but others (such as Scyva) I could not find any!

So, I am not claiming this is the best guide, the only guide, or that our way of doing it is superior, it's simply how we do it and if you find it helpful and informative great. If not, ok sorry hopefully others do. Right now we only have Tyth edited so I will post that, we have A and E and Nahut recorded and will edit them soon and I will also post those here when we do, once I record the last two we will do those as well. Eventually the plan is to do NIM gods guides as well but that is a ways off yet.

Tyth HM -

I hope this video is helpful to people and if not I ask you to keep your rude/mean comments to yourself and act like an adult, just trying to help the community a bit. Thanks!
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