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Can you please fix Wounding Shots?

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Can you please fix Wounding Shots?

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12.26.2018 , 06:04 AM | #1
I've noticed this issue after 5.10 dropped Here's my original bug report.

I play weapon sounds on (because hey, I derive more fun that way and feel the spec punching!) This glitch is making the gameplay extremely annoying after a while.

The problem is affecting my account; not because of (1) PC, (2) server, or (3) guns (you can see it on my original report). So rolling another slinger isn't really helping.

The reason I'm posting it here because I want to see if there are other gunslingers affected by the update (plus my original bug report got pushed into subpages fairly quickly). I've noticed at least one more player reported the same issue.

Here's hoping this issue can be rectified. Thanks for your attention!
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